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A chauffeur is a beneficial addition to your lifestyle with the following parameters in mind. Your perfect candidate can be found with the assistance of The Wellington Agency.

  1. Driving experience: How many years has the Chauffeur candidate been driving, and how many years experience have they had as a professional chauffeur? In what state is their driver’s license issued? Have they ever had a license in a different state? A copy of their MVP (Motor Vehicle Report) will show points and driving infractions.
  1. Licenses and training: Has the candidate taken advanced driving classes such as defensive driving, hazardous weather driving, and obstacle course driving? Are they certified in CPR or First Aid? Have they had any hospitality or etiquette training? Do they have a P endorsement required for driving a limousine that seats 16 persons? A Chauffeur’s Registration (sometimes called a hack license) is issued by the county in which the chauffeur operates.
  1. Personality and appearance: Is the candidate polite and well-mannered? Do they stay calm and clear under pressure? They must be customer-oriented, diplomatic, and able to take direction well. Are they fluent in the language of your family and colleagues? Are they well dressed in an appropriate suit and well-groomed? Are they non-smoker? A Chauffeur is often required to lift heavy luggage and packages into and out of the trunk. They also assist passengers in and out of the vehicle. Good vision and hearing ability are of paramount importance to the safety of the passengers. A Chauffeur is often required to sit or stand for long hours. 
  1. Area knowledge: Are they up to date on local and state laws governing vehicle operations and safety regulations. By being experienced in the local landmarks and street layouts, a chauffeur will transport passengers or run errands more efficiently and expediently by employing shortcuts and less trafficked roads.  
  1. Experience in Car Care: The candidate will be required to perform regular vehicle inspections and be responsible for minor car maintenance, such as checking the oil, batteries, tire pressure, water level, etc. They should be able to schedule detailing services and necessary repairs.  
  1. A sense of order: A chauffeur will manage car maintenance and repairs. They will keep records of mileage, trips, and expenses. They are also responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior of the car pristine by having the vehicle detailed as often as necessary.
  1. Availability and Time Management Skills: A good chauffeur must be punctual and reliable, arriving at their destinations on time. They should be familiar with weather and road condition apps to minimize unfavorable conditions while driving. Often a chauffeur’s job will entail evening, weekend, and holiday hours.