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Baby NurseThere are so many things for the new mother and father to think about and do. The new baby has many needs that must be taken care of – often at odd hours of the day or night. Eliminate many of these demands by employing a trained and qualified Baby Nurse. Having a Baby Nurse on staff will allow you to enjoy more of the good times and pleasurable moments with your growing family.

The Baby Nurse position as we all know can be a very personal experience because of the mother-child-baby nurse relationship. It’s paramount that the mother and baby nurse are on the same page at all times without much room for deviation. This can be especially important to a first time Mom, who may not have a clear idea of what’s going on. It can also apply to a situation where the Mom has gone through a very difficult delivery. She may be somewhat confined to the bed and not be able to go from room to room on a regular basis if at all, and has to trust in her baby nurse to fulfill her wishes completely and accurately. This can be very unnerving to a woman, to have to trust another so completely in the caring for her baby. Not an easy thing to do and sometimes the Mom may not act in a predictable fashion. One of the benefits of choosing an experienced baby nurse is that she will know how to handle this type of thing.

Hire a Baby Nurse

The baby nurse’s primary responsibility is to assist new parents with all childcare duties and responsibilities of the newborn. Her duties may include bathing, feeding, changing diapers, and helping out with laundry. This position is usually a short term month to month position. Some baby nurses may like to stay on in a nanny position if the client needs them. In this case, it is a win win situation for all involved. But when a short term is all that is required, the contract will reflect those needs. We want to make sure your needs are properly covered when it comes to all of your domestic hiring.

As always, it’s best to use an agency when hiring a baby nurse. There are many reasons for this. You should always hire tested and proven staff when it comes to your baby. A good agency, such as ours, will do all the due diligence for you to make sure you are hiring only qualified help. Need we say more?

The Wellington Agency screens and interviews Baby Nurse’s to ensure only the best and most qualified Baby Nurses available. Let us help you make the best choice for your new baby. We have qualified candidates waiting to be on your staff.

We now have several qualified, experienced, baby nurses in NYC who are looking for live-in and live-out positions. We also have several licensed baby nurses in Greenwich, CT waiting to fill a position caring for your child. Contact us today to find out more about how you can hire a qualified nurse for your infant or newborn. Find out about our baby nurses in Miami and Miami Beach.

One of the many considerations the soon to be Mom will want to make sure of is that she finds a reputable agency that has done a background check of every candidate they offer. Often, the candidates that these agencies offer have an extensive list of references and may have even come off a job recently. The competency level of the baby nurse you hire is very important to the whole back and forth between the Mom, child and baby nurse. If the confidence level is where it should be, then stress levels of the Mom will be kept to a minimum and that’s the goal. Matching the right baby nurse with the right Mom can be critical to achieving that goal, so it’s important to interview thoroughly. The baby nurse may have to change diapers, clean the newborn’s clothes and clean up the areas of the house where the baby and the Mom are, so you want to make sure she is prepared to do just that.

Many potential issues can be automatically address when you hire through a domestic help agency, such as The Wellington Agency. Agencies that have vast experience with hiring, screening and performing background checks of their candidates are who you want for peace of mind. They have been there, done that with many families in the past and most likely, are already familiar with the candidates that they have lined up to be interviewed by you and your family. It’s about establishing trust all around. Between you and the agency, between the agency and the candidate and the candidate and you. It can seem complicated, but when you’re dealing with an agency and a baby nurse that has been through this many times in the past they will have answers to your questions before you ask them and that is what will endear you to the baby nurse that’s perfect for you.

When you’re looking for a baby nurse agency, be sure to contact us at The Wellington Agency. We have the quality domestic help and baby nurses you want.


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