Aligning your Child for Success For Years to Come

From birth to adolescence, children go through many milestones of which varying levels of care are needed. During the early years, children require an emphasis on health and well-being; during the latter years, education and responsibility become a major focus. Nannies and governesses are roles that provide great assistance during […]

Hamptons? Chef, Please!

Will you be traveling to the Hamptons this season with an exuberate itinerary, leaving minimal time for home-cooked meals? Do you foresee hosting dinner parties and poolside gatherings? Rather than spend your valuable time scouring online for recipes and plating ideas, The Wellington Agency will find the perfect private chef […]

Leave It To “Alfred”

Butlers and other household staff are becoming increasingly common as families realize they receive the most valuable concept in return — time. The average person spends over 20 hours a week on household duties, time that could have been spent with family, building an empire, traveling, or enjoying a favorite […]

Wellington Woman

There’s not a corner of the household staffing industry that April Berube hasn’t touched. Nearly three decades ago, she started her first company as a nanny agency. At just 23 years old, she saw how hard it was to find reliable and trustworthy assistance. As a result, she fought for […]

Are You Searching for Your Dream Job?

The process of job hunting and finding the perfect position can be stressful. It can take hours, days, or even weeks of your time. Searching the web, filling out application forms, and then waiting for a reply can be exhausting. Oftentimes weeks will pass and you still have not received […]

Do You Need A “Mr. Carson”?

We all know how efficiently Mr. Carson managed Downton Abbey. The family would sit down to dinner and have after-dinner conversations, relaxed in the knowledge that a professional, poised Mr. Carson was attending to the estate’s day-to-day running. If you desire this high level of service, you will be able […]

House Manager or Estate Manager?

The main difference between an Estate Manager and a House Manager is the size of the household they supervise. The Estate Manager is generally in charge of a sizable high-end estate with land, while a Household manager is in charge of a condo or smaller residence. Both positions require management, […]