Hire a Private Chef

The Responsibilities of a Private Chef

Have you ever been too tired to make dinner? Too tired when you woke up to consider more than a quick cup of coffee? Do you struggle to eat properly and follow your preferred diet regime while working a full-time job? Maybe you’re not a very good cook and you […]

What Are The Duties Of A Professional Live-In Housekeeper?

Live-in housekeepers are people that make the lives of residents of homes and apartments go much smoother. Since they perform necessary jobs, they are relied on for many reasons. When someone has the benefits of a live-in housekeeper, they have the ability to get more completed than those who do […]

The Manny Benefits of the Male Nanny

Nannies make way for your male counterpart, the Manny. In today’s gender equating world, men are stepping up and stepping into the role as child caregiver. Today, Mannies are more in demand as stereotypes are crushed. Why Hire a Manny? There are many reasons why parents decide to hire a […]

Find Top Seasonal Domestic Help and Winter Wisely

As you jet off to wherever you may winter this year don’t put off securing top seasonal domestic help so that everything at your winter digs will be like a well-oiled machine before you even touch down. Keeping your winter home running like clockwork requires the very best support staff […]

The Living is Easy with a Household Manager

Running a large home takes an army of people, and every army needs a strong leader — enter the Household Manager. The Household Manager must be a jack of all trades, from a budgeting wiz, a project management expert to playing the armchair psychologist in dealing with multiple staff. The […]

pleasure of hiring domestic help

The Not-So-Guilty Pleasure of Hiring Domestic Help

Why Hiring Domestic Help Today, May Give You the Tomorrow You’ve Only Dreamed Of Raise your hand if you’re so busy working that when the weekend finally rolls around, you’re off chasing all the household tasks you never seem to have time for — grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry and […]

Study Says — Hire Your Way to Happiness!

In today’s society, we are more pressed for time than ever. It’s no wonder that our culture holds people who multi-task in such high regard. Logically, we know that it is impossible to do it all, but it never seems to stop us from trying. According to a recent study, […]

Save Time — Save Money with a Part-Time Personal Chef — A Flex Chef

There’s nothing like having a personal chef, one that can captivate your family’s taste while incorporating your dietary and health needs. While having a live-in chef is the epitome of lux living, you may not necessarily need or want full-time help, thankfully there’s a solution. A part-time personal chef — […]

Live-in Versus Live-Out Help in Housekeeping, Here’s What to Consider

You’ve decided that you need housekeeping help, now comes the hard part choosing to hire live-in versus live-out help! They’re the quintessential personnel for any home or estate, the beloved housekeeper, the person whose special care goes into keeping a house a home — neat, tidy and organized. Once you’ve […]

Bilingual is Twice as Nice! Why Hiring Bilingual Domestic Help is More Beneficial

The ability to speak two languages is like a gift that keeps giving. Unless you’re bilingual yourself, you may not think about the many benefits it brings. So many people don’t consider hiring bilingual domestic help unless they feel there’s some tangible reason to do so. When it comes to […]