Why Hire A Staffing Agency? 

Your estate is your peace on Earth. It’s a place to decompress and enjoy life with the ones you love. The last thing it should feel like is a business that needs managing. Creating ads, hiring, firing, interviewing, clearance, and turnover is overwhelming, especially without proper resources and experience. Using […]

Should You Hire a Professional Housekeeper with Formal Training or a Cleaning Service?

Keeping a clean, well-organized, hygienic estate promotes peace and relaxation, and research shows it can make you healthier physically and mentally. Here are five reasons why hiring a professional housekeeper through a reliable agency such as The Wellington Agency, is preferable to using a cleaning service. Unlike the salary you […]

Hiring a Private Chef

When you decide to hire a private chef, a salaried employee working exclusively and full-time for your family- a premiere staffing agency, such as The Wellington Agency, will assess your needs and find the right chef for you.  Firstly, the agency will need to know how many family members the […]

The Importance of an Estate Manager

What is the importance of an estate manager in your home or estate? Running a large home or estate is a lot of work and it needs someone who is hands-on and involved in every detail. Estate owners who have tried managing their own estates have often ended up regretting […]

Hire a Private Chef

The Responsibilities of a Private Chef

Have you ever been too tired to make dinner? Too tired when you woke up to consider more than a quick cup of coffee? Do you struggle to eat properly and follow your preferred diet regime while working a full-time job? Maybe you’re not a very good cook and you […]

What Are The Duties Of A Professional Live-In Housekeeper?

Live-in housekeepers are people that make the lives of residents of homes and apartments go much smoother. Since they perform necessary jobs, they are relied on for many reasons. When someone has the benefits of a live-in housekeeper, they have the ability to get more completed than those who do […]

The Manny Benefits of the Male Nanny

Nannies make way for your male counterpart, the Manny. In today’s gender equating world, men are stepping up and stepping into the role as child caregiver. Today, Mannies are more in demand as stereotypes are crushed. Why Hire a Manny? There are many reasons why parents decide to hire a […]