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The Jupiter, Florida Lifestyle

Florida has long been one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. Almost everyone sees the aptly named ‘Sunshine State’ bathed in the warm glow of sunshine, while pristine azure waters wait at the edge of beaches boasting miles of unspoiled sands. Amazing architecture lines the boardwalks of cities like Miami, Cuban and Caribbean inspired dishes, as well as fresh seafood dominate menus that suit every taste, outdoor activities and pastimes are available at world class facilities and the nightlife pulsates in what could be called ‘the State that never Sleeps’.

Those who make the trip to enjoy the attractions of Florida flock to the State to take advantage of property investments that offer exceptional value for those who want to either rent or buy. Property in Florida allows residents to enjoy an investment that far outstrips that of larger cities such as New York or Los Angeles. However – the investment returns are not only in money – they’re in lifestyle and quality of life.

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Florida is filled to the brim with wonderful places to call home – but every now and again those who are diligent and wish to explore come across a gem that deserves its place in the crown of Florida destinations to live and simply enjoy life. One of these is Jupiter, Florida.

Jupiter can be found in the North of Palm Beach County, adjacent to West Palm Beach. It has been voted one of ‘America’s Happiest’ seaside towns – and when you take in all that Jupiter has to offer the reasons for this accolade immediately become clear.

Who would not be happy in a place where the sun shines almost constantly and you have the choice of a number of beaches that are quite simply world class. Take for instance Carlin Park. A beach that everything that any sort of beach goer could require. Amenities such as a diner, an amphitheater, softball facilities, bocce courts, hiking trails and volleyball courts. The clear sparkling water bring divers and snorkelers from across the globe attracted by the diverse marine life. Grill facilities make this even more perfect for a family day out. Or there’s Coral Cove for people who want a slightly more serene experience. The reefs teem with life making them ideal for snorkeling. Picnic tables beg visitors to settle in and enjoy the peace. These are only two of the beach destinations that are on the menu – there are many, many other choices – in fact there are six beaches on offer in the area.

If you want to keep inland, but still enjoy a day out of doors then Jupiter has just the destination. The town is home to Riverbend Park. Here hiking opportunities abound and boating, fishing and the simple joy of picnicking in unspoiled surroundings are there for the picking. Raccoons, armadillos, turkeys and playful otters will provoke a sense of wonder in all ages of visitor as they explore the 15 miles of walkways in the park Again, this is only one of the incredible parks in the Jupiter area.

All that outdoor activity is bound to make the resident or visitor look forward to some great refreshment – and Jupiter has some of the Sate’s best restaurants for those who want to scratch that culinary itch. Try continental cuisine at Krave Restaurant with its exceptional French traditional offerings or keep it beach side casual at the Quarterdeck Seafood and Bar where you can enjoy where dishes such as the Mahi Mahi sandwich or the Lobster roll (a fabulous cocktail menu) will help you realize why Jupiter is a great place to eat.

Add helpings of cultural attractions, history that will fascinate all those who want to delve a bit deeper and of course friendly locals and you’ll never again wonder why people are flocking to Jupiter, Florida.

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With all there is to do in Jupiter it’s no wonder affluent families choose to live here. If you’re one of the many people in the area who are in need of domestic staff for your home or estate, consider using The Wellington Agency for your staffing needs. We specialize in making placements in the Jupiter, Florida area, and have staff waiting to fill your needs.

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