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Enoying the Superior Lifestyle of Wellington, Florida

There are numerous reasons that Florida is one of the most popular vacation, retirement and property investment destinations in the United States. Firstly, Florida is not called the Sunshine State for nothing. With an average of around 240 sunny days per year and a balmy sub-tropical climate, Florida offers the opportunity to enjoy a great outdoor lifestyle. The beaches in Florida are legendary – as is the warm ocean. The opportunity to enjoy pastimes such as golf, horse riding, hiking and a variety of saltwater sports and the proximity to local wetlands (including the Everglades) makes it an even more attractive vacation or investment destination.

Add to this incredible nightlife, dining opportunities, entertainment options and the sheer vibrancy (not to mention iconic architecture) of cities such as Miami and one begins to wonder why any other vacation destination would even be considered.

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For those who want to make a permanent home in Florida, or for that matter explore the State, this embarrassment of riches can mean that finding the perfect property investment or entertainment destination can be challenging. There is simply so much choice. For those who are in search of the equestrian lifestyle or simply want to enjoy the magnificence of Florida’s natural environment, Wellington, Florida is a great place to start a journey of exploration.

Wellington has so much to offer. Located in Palm Beach Country, this charming village has it all. A wonderful downtown area with some exceptional dining destinations and a vibrant job market. It has that rare combination of modernity and natural surroundings (the 92 acre Blue Forest Reserve is particularly noteworthy) that will reward every person who visits – or who wants to find a property in a place that ticks all the right boxes as far as lifestyle is concerned.

For those who want to enjoy an equestrian lifestyle, Wellington has even more to offer. It plays host to the longest-running (and largest) equestrian festival in the world – the ‘Winter Equestrian Festival’. Wellington also boasts a number of other opportunities to enjoy the best that the equestrian world has to offer. There is the world-renowned International Polo Club which hosts some of the most professional polo tournaments in the United States. Wellington is also within a stone’s throw from the Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club.

When it comes to economic opportunity Wellington offers ample opportunity for those who want to not only enjoy the wonderful lifestyle – but also to find the perfect job. The job market is expected to expand by around 9% over the next 5 years. Combine this with the fact that housing is relatively cheap (with a median house price of just over $300k) and it approaches the perfect destination for the establishment of a home base.

Relocating to Florida is particularly attractive to those with families. There are a number of family-friendly events and attractions. Although Wellington is inland it is within easy reach of West Palm Beach – which means that access to some of Florida’s most magnificent beaches is easy – and makes for the perfect day trip. Events such as that hosted in the local South Florida Fairgrounds offer great family entertainment. One of the premier events is the fair which is hosted during January and February. The fair, which has been an annual fixture since 1912 today offers great food, rides for the whole family and fantastic shopping.

For those who want to enjoy the green spaces in and around Wellington Village Park is a great place to sit back and relax. This park has numerous opportunities for fun (some free for use). There are volleyball courts, basketball courts, baseball (and soccer) fields as well as two roller hockey rinks. For the younger members of the family, the playgrounds are a welcome diversion. There are fabulous pavilions which are the perfect setting for parties and enjoying that great day out for a stress-free picnic.

When it comes to food and drink this area truly shines. For those who enjoy a cold beer a tour of the local Copperpoint Brewing Company. Fabulous microbrews can be enjoyed in the tasting room where the brewmaster will supply insight into just why this microbrewery has gained such an avid following. It is also a great place for that special event such as a party.

Wellington, Florida is a destination that has that magical Goldilocks’ reputation. It is simply perfect for both visitors and those who want to take up their place in a vibrant community. If you are a fan of the outdoor lifestyle – and still want modern convenience and urban excitement – Wellington might be the place for you.

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