Concierge Service

Many affluent people are too busy to take care of some of the more trivial things in life such as booking flights; making hotel and restaurant reservations; etc. After all, time really IS money. If you’re one of the lucky few who are so busy living that you don’t have the time time to plan it all, you may need concierge service, such as the services provided by The Wellington Agency, to take care of the details.

With years of experience in the area of domestic staffing you can rest assured that our concierge services will be professional, courteous, outstanding, and most of all trustworthy. We deal with many high profile clients, so we know that discretion is of the utmost importance. Our concierge services can be trusted because not only must our employees have years of experience in the domestic service industry but we have run all the necessary background checks on all our employees before assigning them to our clients.

At The Wellington Agency we provide the following concierge services and many more:

• Online travel reservations
• Restaurant reservations
• Online ticketing
• Cancellations/rebooking of events
• Itinerary bookings
• Personal assistant services
• Hotel and venue booking

Contact us to learn more about our unsurpassed range of concierge services and how we can help make your life even more productive.


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