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The Hamptons

Visiting and Living in the Hamptons

When people want to visit an interesting area that has interesting beaches and so much more, they often think of the Hamptons. The Hamptons lure people to their destination because of all that it has to offer to them. People are more than happy to engage in the activities that they are able to pursue in this fantastic part of the country. Not only do visitors come from near and far but many want to stay and make it their home. Visitors are from all over the world and they all love what they find in the Hamptons.

Where are the Hamptons? On the southeastern edge of Long Island, N.Y. lies the Hamptons. It is located 80 miles east of New York City and many people make the 2 and 1/2 hour drive often to go there for all the fun that they can have. When they first arrive in the Hamptons, they will be in the Westhampton area. If they want to travel another 50 miles, they will be able to reach Montauk. There are plenty of other little towns in between that visitors can enjoy and spend some time in. They find that it is a fascinating place to visit especially in the warmer weather months.

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The Towns of the Hamptons

There are technically only two towns that make up the Hamptons. They are the Town of East Hampton and the Town of Southampton. In these two towns are smaller villages that have their own schools and zip codes. Each area has a special feel to it that makes it it’s own. People find the areas that they love the most and settle down there if they want to. Some people just live there during the summer because the weather conditions during the winter do not provide for the same amount of fun that the summers do. However, summers are beautiful.

For many of the people that live in nicer homes, they are looking at paying millions of dollars for a beach house. They are willing to pay a lot of money and there are several movie stars that live in the Hamptons in the finer homes. In other sections, there are less expensive homes too. Usually, they are on the side of Long Island Sound. The majority of the people want to be on the side that faces the Atlantic Ocean for a variety of reasons.

What to do in the Hamptons

People love the Hamptons for a variety of reasons. When visiting the Hamptons, people find that there is a lot of interesting things to do and see. They also love the parties that go on until all hours of the night. There are many people that live and work in the area and since is so close to New York City, they also have the choice of working there too. For many people, having all that they can enjoy in such a fantastic place is what they have been looking for all the time. They want to be able to relax and yet have a lot of nightlife and entertainment available to them. The Hamptons are just the place that really allows them to enjoy all of what they are looking for.

Known for its absolutely fantastic art scene, it also provides the wonderful aspects of the beach activities that people love to take part in. It is extremely popular for the people that come from New York City so that they can get away from time to time and enjoy the laid back feeling that the beach towns provide. With choices of restaurants that are sure to tantalize anyone’s palette, the Hamptons provide them with wonderful choices on a regular basis. People love that they have the opportunities to take part in the festivities that occur throughout the Hamptons for the holidays and special events that occur throughout the year.

When to Visit

When people visit the Hamptons, they usually do so during the months of the year that are warmer. Spring, summer, and fall are the common times when they visit. Winters are cold and dreary and many people avoid traveling to the area at that time. Most things are closed at that time although, the Christmas season really is beautiful in the Hamptons. Whatever time of the year that people decide to visit, they will want to dress for the weather. That means, they will need to pack clothing so that they will be comfortable and able to enjoy themselves no matter what the weather will bring for them. It will make a difference so they need to bring clothing that will be appropriate for the time of year that they will be in the area.

The Hamptons are a safe place for people to live and to visit. They love that they can allow their children to enjoy life in such a great way. Since many of the areas that make up the Hamptons, there is a small-town feel to the region. People can walk around without worrying all of the time about crime and violence. It is relatively safe for them to go about their lives without being affected by lots of unstable conditions.

Domestic Help in the Hamptons

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People living in and visiting the Hamptons are happy to be there. They love that it has just the right touches to keep them incredibly satisfied with their daily lives on a regular basis.

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