Seasonal Needs — Finding Domestic Help in the Hamptons

It happens every year—spring eventually fades into summer and the annual pilgrimage begins. Movers, shakers, and wanna-bees head to THE summer locale, the great escape, the Hamptons. If you want to take a real vacation, you’ll need a team of well-qualified people to make your trip easier and more enjoyable — […]

Feel Confident with Baby Care from a Newborn Care Specialist or Baby Nurse from the Wellington Agency

Bringing home a new bundle of joy is a bundle of fun — and a lot of work!  The Wellington Agency has a selection of Newborn Care Specialists at the ready to help you through this exciting, yet challenging time with confidence. Babies don’t come with instructions. They can be […]

Optimize Your Life with a Perfectly Matched Personal Assistant Chosen by the Wellington Agency

Even with today’s technology, people are overwhelmed with time-consuming tasks. Having a personal assistant available to prioritize, categorize and organize isn’t a luxury anymore — it’s a necessity, saving time, energy and ultimately the day. While personal assistants used to be the status symbols of celebrities, now everyday people realize […]

Estate Manager Staffing

Estate Management Staffing – Pair with Perfection with The Wellington Agency

The Right Estate Manager Brings Order to Chaos Downton Abbey has Mr. Charles Carson, Batman has Alfred Pennyworth, and Iron Man has Pepper Potts — loyal, dependable, adaptable people who run their principal’s estates like well-oiled machines — anticipating their every desire before its even articulated. Although butlers, assistants, and […]