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A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a private or rented automobile as part of one’s job. But beyond that, a chauffeur is still so much more. With the help of The Wellington Agency, you can find the perfect one to fit your family’s needs. 

Personalization and consistency. 

The duties and role of a chauffeur encompass a client’s needs and preferences. Although the primary job is to transport their clients, they also run errands and know the locations of routine appointments. Chauffeurs assist with entering and exiting the vehicle, essential if age or mobility is a factor. They know if their clients are prone to carsickness, the temperature to keep the vehicle, and smells to avoid. They are also able to assist in arranging for transportation in receiving cities for traveling clients. 


Having the same person, who The Wellington Agency has vetted, ensures a deeper trust level, especially when transporting the most precious of all cargo– the children. Other security considerations include having someone attend to personal belongings throughout a long day of shopping or safely returning you home if alcohol has been consumed. In addition, chauffeurs are knowledgeable on the geography of the area, local traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and foul weather driving. 

Vehicle care. 

Vehicle care, inside and out, is an essential duty of a chauffeur. They maintain an immaculate vehicle, with a clean, sanitized interior, polished exterior, professionally washed, and detailed. The engine is attended to ensure it remains mechanically sound regularly. A chauffeur schedules maintenance and any necessary mechanical work by making service appointments. 

Lifestyle Considerations. 

Using a navigational device or map while also checking for traffic jams and weather delays, and having a secondary route planned, is a prime example of the proficiency of a chauffeur. They are meticulous and punctual, a necessary quality for good time management, and afford their clients the drive time for work, rest, or other tasks. 

Chauffeurs maintain a professional image by being well-groomed and dressed immaculately in formal attire. In addition, they keep your vehicle well stocked with amenities such as beverages, snacks, or reading materials.  

Excellent communication skills are expected of a chauffeur. Being mannerly and courteous at all times, refraining from inappropriate, abusive language, or road rage. Good chauffeurs follow instructions without complaint and will refrain from conversation with their clients without permission. 

Not just a driver. 

If you rent an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, you get a different driver every time and cannot ensure the quality of the vehicle or the driver’s safety. When you hire a chauffeur, you are getting much more than a driver. You are engaging a high level of competence to care for the well-being of your luxury car. A professional chauffeur desires to facilitate your travel time and to exceed your expectations consistently.