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Happiness is the ultimate goal we all aspire for. Of course, we want it all year long, but we especially want to feel it during the magic of the holiday season. Researchers found that there are four ways that money really can buy you the happiness you desire. 

  1. Giving gifts to others will bring more happiness than buying things for yourself. Writing a check to a charity, giving a gift to a loved one, or seeing the face of someone in need light-up has been shown to increase happiness long-term.  
  2. Small pleasures bring more joy than large purchases. Studies have shown the happiness effect of a large purchase, such as a car, gives a significant jump in happiness but only lasts six to eight weeks. Once you become accustomed to the purchase, it loses the happiness effect. But if you allow yourself little pleasures or small investments over time, your happiness will remain higher for an extended period.
  3. An experience will bring you happiness that lasts over time, as memories will stay with you forever. Things like taking a vacation to new scenery, bathing in the sun from the upper deck of a yacht, or renting a private space for brunch with your favorite people make lovely memories. Investing in experience has been shown to increase long-term happiness. 
  4. Buying time brings happiness. Time is more precious than money. A study of 4400 Americans concluded that people who value time over money were happier than those who didn’t. Choose to spend your time wisely and eliminate unnecessary chores. The Wellington Agency can staff you with housekeepers, chauffeurs, chefs, and more to free up your time to do the things you love. 

We all deserve to have happiness in our lives and enjoy each day to the fullest. Your enjoyment will affect the people surrounding you, so buy an experience, give a gift, indulge yourself. Happy Holidays.