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In a world overwhelmed with uncertainty and to-do lists, you must make the most of every moment. Whether that moment is spent sealing a multi-billion dollar deal or jet-setting to Europe, that moment is available due to reaching out for help in other areas. Unfortunately, as humans, we require the basic necessities of food and slumber, which take up a large portion of our days, so allow The Wellington Agency to help you make the most of your time by enlisting one of our highly-vetted professionals. 

Domestic Staffing

As a high-scale professional in the workplace or national celebrity, there are many valuable tasks that can be completed with your time other than household chores. Allow the housekeeper to clean the dishes and tidy your home, let the laundress press and care for your linen, delegate fixing appliances and changing lightbulbs to the estate manager or butler, and leave the meal prep and grocery shopping to your private chef. Some will opt to hire a domestic couple to tend to all the estate’s needs as if it were their own, allowing the client to be free of various responsibilities. In certain cases, a domestic couple could also serve as a personal assistant to, for instance, stand-in for you in places you cannot physically be, whether because of business or social obligations. Executive and personal assistants are experts at multitasking and take on a variety of roles with their end goal of allowing you to become even more successful in all your endeavors. 

Child Care

As a new parent, whether it be your first or second child, there’s a transition period that typically includes very little sleep. A baby nurse can help with midnight feedings and sleep training, so you can focus on catching up on some much-needed rest. As your infant progresses into a toddler, you may desire to have a nanny care for their needs on a daily basis. A nanny can schedule doctor appointments, drive to and from activities, and keep your child’s mind stimulated in preparation for school years. Upon entry into preschool, you may decide that your child needs educational accountability in which case you would hire a governess to ensure all educational benchmarks are being met. A governess not only connects with school officials to assure performance but can also teach children a specialized skill like a language or instrument. While a baby nurse is typically only brought on in the early years, a nanny and governess can stay with the child for years to come through adolescence. 

Security & Protection Services

For celebrities and high-net-worth individuals, safety is always of the utmost importance. Living in fear and isolation is not living, which is why The Wellington Agency provides an array of security and protection detailing services to fit your needs. Depending on your circumstances, you may require armed guard services to be highly visible to protect your large compound or your retail location containing luxurious merchandise. Or, unarmed security guards may suit your needs better for low-profile protection at your estate to maintain a welcoming environment. In cases where a client feels threatened in public, our private protection services will keep them safe while navigating the city. 

Executive and personal protection services are a must for high-profile clients. Personal protection detail follows the client between business and personal outings, ensure the surroundings at all times are safe, and allows the client to live freely without concern for their well-being. Also offered are personal and private bodyguard services through Palm Beach bodyguard services to ensure citizens all over the country continue to protect clients in situations where their surrounding environments may be suspicious. 

The Wellington Agency is uniquely equipped to provide full executive protection services for all your needs, whether it be protection for yourself, your family, your business, or your estate. Always having the best interest of our families in mind, our candidates are held to the highest standards when it comes to discretion, certifications, and training. Contact The Wellington Agency today to learn more about how we can assist you.