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Why Hiring Domestic Help Today, May Give You the Tomorrow You’ve Only Dreamed Of

Raise your hand if you’re so busy working that when the weekend finally rolls around, you’re off chasing all the household tasks you never seem to have time for — grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry and running a million little errands. For many of us, the weekend has become more of a chance to catch up than catch your breath, relax and enjoy some time off. There’s a solution — give yourself the not-so-guilty pleasure of hiring domestic help!

Our full lives are well, just too full — Life is busy. 

Statistically, We’re Working Too Hard —Give yourself the Not-So-Guilty Pleasure of Hiring Domestic Help! 

Most of us are working hard. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, among married-couple families, both the husband and wife were employed in 48.3 percent of families.

We’re not only working hard, but we’re working longer. According to Gallup, adults who are employed full-time report working an average of 47 hours per week, which is nearly six days a week.

For average Americans, the mere thought of hiring domestic help can send them into a guilt-ridden state because of our collective attitude of being able to “Do it all.” You don’t have to feel guilty to experience the pleasure of hiring domestic help.

Walking the line between time and money can be tricky; however, studies have shown that people who spend money to save themselves time are intrinsically happier than those who spend money on material things.

Even still, people have a hard time justifying buying time because time is an abstract concept while money or the things wealth can by are more tangible. It’s also hard to think about buying future time versus the idea of having something or purchase something right now.

What is the True Cost of Doing it Yourself, When You Can Enjoy the Pleasure of Hiring Domestic Help!

Is hiring help worth the cost? It depends on many factors but if you’re a numbers person you can put it into perspective like this — there’s an actual equation:

  • What is your rate?
  • How long would it take you to do the job?
  • Is it cheaper to hire someone than to do it yourself?

It could be as simple as figuring out the real cost of doing any job yourself…but there’s another factor — Your time, your stress, your peace of mind.

The Stress of Your To Do List

Maybe your one of those people that can see the laundry piling up and let it roll off your back, or you’re the kind of person that doesn’t care if there’s a home-cooked meal ready for the family on those busy work days or that messy bathroom, maybe you don’t care if company or even your mother-in-law uses it—or perhaps you do care and sweat the details. If the stress of  chores like these is eating you up alive every week, it’s time to hire someone who can come in and rescue you from the worry of not “Doing it all.”

The Pleasure of Hiring Domestic Help

Are you a team player? Even if you’re not, hiring a person or a few good people to help you out will only serve to heighten the quality of your life, when they join your team.

No More Arguments Over Chores

Your home can become a more peaceful place when people aren’t scrambling around searching for clean underwear. It’s even better when you’re not angry at your partner for not cleaning the tub that you were going to take a bubble bath in.

Reclaim Your Weekend

Weekends were meant for rest, respite and play — not for scrubbing your toilet. When you hire domestic help, it frees you up.

  • Enjoy more time with your family
  • Live healthier, use the time to work out or bliss out with your favorite hobby
  • Introspective time — mediate, nap, enjoy a good book
  • Play — go to the movies, watch tv, go to the park, check out a new exhibit at the museum
  • Time to do whatever you do best!

Hire Your Way to Happiness by Hiring Domestic Help that Buys You the Ultimate Commodity — Time!

The Wellington Agency has cultivated an exclusive list of qualified experts that can to help your household become a more peaceful place. By hiring someone to join your team you’ll not only have those pesky chores done, but they’ll be done right, expertly. You’ll not only save yourself time but the headache and hassle of trying to do it all and be it all — You don’t have to, we can help! Give yourself the pleasure of hiring domestic help.

The Goods! Get Domestic Help that Buys You Time

 Ultimate Time Saver — Your Housekeeper

Most of us would rather do anything other than clean our houses. The truth is hiring someone to clean your home not only saves you from doing it yourself but frees you up to do other things —that is the pleasure of hiring domestic help.

Some people buy themselves time actually to work more productively, thus they can earn more money by spending it. Buy yourself some time by having someone else do the heavy lifting in your home.

Hiring a housekeeper is an amazing way to treat yourself, your family and your home. A beloved housekeeper is a person who always takes special care into keeping a house a home — neat, tidy and organized.

It’s also a great way to lessen the stress by having someone else handle the household chores. An organized home means less chaos overall, and a housekeeper keeps it that way.

The Wellington Agency offers a very select group of housekeepers who can buy you the amount of time you need. There are housekeepers that live-ins and other housekeepers who live outside of your home and come as you need them. Each has been selected, screened and chosen with the utmost care. So, whatever way you prefer you can choose with confidence.

If You Can’t Stand to Cook — Get Out of the Kitchen — Hire a Personal, Private or Part-Time Chef

Not only can our chefs save you time by actually doing the cooking and shopping, but they can also save you money with no more wasted leftovers. Chefs can run your kitchen like a well-oiled machine by managing meals so that you have what you need. No more refrigerator experiments that look like something growing in Frankenstein’s lab.

Chefs also have the unique ability to help their customer’s stay on their diets by preparing specialized meals — low carb, low fat, high-fiber, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Ketogenic, Gluten-Free, Mediterranean  — you name it, and your chef will prepare it, just the way your family likes it.

A private chef will shop and cook your meals in your home, or if you don’t need that kind of attention a part-time chef can deliver the meals to your home in batches with fresh items, and meals for later in the week stored in your freezer. Your part-time chef will leave detailed instructions on how to reheat so you can treat your family to home-cooked meals every day.

Our specially selected chefs handle the workload while making your diet healthier or even more deliciously decadent depending on the day!

Organize Your Life and Save Time with a Personal Assistant

Personal assistants used to be a status symbol of CEOs and celebrities, now everyday people acknowledge that having someone help run their busy lives is an investment with a substantial rate of return—especially in time. Gain a greater sense of balance and peace by having someone help organize your life!

Everyone from entrepreneurs, solopreneurs to busy housewives need to find time in their days, by delegating tasks you can increase efficiency and reduce stress.

Personal Assistants can take so many tasks off your plate such as:

  • Running errands
  • Shopping
  • Helping with scheduling
  • Organize your Meetings and calls
  • Standing in for you when you can’t be there
  • Organize your social calendar
  • Screening phone calls
  • Event planning
  • Answering and sending emails
  • Sending contracts
  • Coordinating events
  • Travel arrangements including coordinating hotel, air travel and ground transportation
  • Researching projects

 Enjoy the Rewards of the Services Themselves 

What could be better than coming home to a house that’s fresh and clean with your laundry neatly put away? You don’t have to rush in from your busy day and clean your bathroom or fold towels. Even better your part-time chef has dropped off dinner, all you have to do is set the table. As you sit down with your family, there is extra time to spare sharing your day because you don’t have to face your email inbox because your personal assistant has already forwarded the few important ones to you and taken care of the rest.

Life is more balanced, peaceful and worry-free when you have professional help from a trusted agency that cares about their client’s well-being — as we do at the Wellington Agency. Hire domestic help and enjoy these well-deserved benefits:

  • A fresh, clean, clutter-free space!
  • Healthy, delicious food waiting for you!
  • Crisp, folded laundry
  • An organized life!

Help is Only a Phone Call Away!

Give Yourself the Ultimate Gift —Give Yourself the Pleasure of Hiring Domestic Help from the Wellington Agency!

The Wellington Agency holds the key a more blissful existence with amazing people who work to delight you in making your home a place of domestic happiness. We invite you to invest in joy by hiring help that will make your life easier and less stressful — that’s what we’re all about. The Wellington Agency has offices located across the globe to meet your staffing needs. Please call and let our dedicated associates assist you in finding that perfect person that will make your home life like living at a peaceful retreat!


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