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When it comes to running an estate, it seems like it takes a village, a literal army of staff, each tending to a specific need — cooking, cleaning, laundering, home maintenance and someone to organizing it all.  Many estate owners are finding the answer to blissful living, hiring a dream team and placing them at the helm of the estate to oversee it all — introducing the domestic couple!

Using a Pair to Pare Down — Domestic Couples Take on Multitasking

Tending to a large estate can be taxing with so many details that need to be taken care of over the course of a busy day. Although an entire staff may ease the burden, estate owners have found domestic couples to be an amazing workaround that works well in so many ways.

Typically estate owners will hire individuals with the hope that they’ll develop into a team that works well together. A domestic couple bypasses that hope, as a fully established team with an extensive history, they already operate like a well-oiled machine. 

Domestic Couples —  Communication Experts

Domestic couples have that intuitive brand of shorthand, an unspoken communication between them that they bring to the table, making complicated tasks seemingly seamless.

Since you’re hiring a team, you’ll save time and money by not having to interview and assess individuals to take on specific tasks. The husband-wife team is usually highly-skilled and has developed a sense of extreme attention to detail while acting as a unit.

Since you’ll manage fewer people, there will be less traffic at the property, such as cleaning staff, handyman, pool maintenance and the like and less of a chance of having a chink in the chain of communication. Therefore, directives given to the domestic couple can be expected to be carried out.

Statistically, many domestic couples are more mature adults who have transitioned from past positions of responsibility in the business and corporate world.

They’ve taken those skills and carried them into careers in private service. With previous skills in various industries, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. They take great pride in their work and enjoy serving others.

As detailed-oriented individuals, they naturally have excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities, qualities that are highly sought after in domestic service. Attention to detail means fewer mistakes which equal greater satisfaction for the estate owner and a more relaxing atmosphere at home.

Generally Speaking, it’s Domestic Bliss

Sure, couples have skirmishes, it’s part of life, but domestic couples have learned that these spats are to be kept discreet and they’re usually resolved quickly. The job comes first because it’s providing a living not only for an individual but a family.

Domestic couples are also more likely to be satisfied employees because they’re able to spend quality and quantity time together as a couple. Also, they’re able to work together to provide for their family.

Domestic couples achieve quality estate management by tackling tasks together. Combining skill sets to cover a myriad of complex tasks including:   

  • Housekeeping with tending to furnishings, antiques, fine art, and may well include managing cleaning staff.
  • Kitchen duties including menu planning, grocery shopping, preparing, and serving formal dinners and informal meals.
  • Laundering including washing, drying, folding, ironing, wardrobe care, dry cleaning inventory, packing and unpacking, storing seasonal clothes and rotating wardrobes.
  • Assist in entertaining and business meetings including coordinating all entertainment, taking care of guest needs; greeting and guiding the event. 
  • Maintain vehicles including necessary auto maintenance as well as chauffeuring, errands and transportation.
  • Vendors including coordinating projects and monitor vendors and staff.
  • Errands including grocery shopping, picking up packages, mailing packages, picking up dry cleaning and tailored items, personal shopping.
  • Multi-home maintenance including preparing properties for occupancy and prepping seasonal properties in closing. Yearly rotating chores and other property needs.
  • Maintain records including household accounting, vendor receipts, petty cash accounts.
  • Assist in household technology including computers, home entertainment systems, DVRs, remote controls, smartphones, smart home systems, home security. 
  • Construction projects including coordinating with an owner, architect, landscape architects and contractors.
  • Grounds maintenance including landscaping, gardening, lawn and tree care and organizing service people who may maintain the garden.
  • Maintain basic structures on the property with handyman skills.
  • Maintain pool and spa areas with pool maintenance or coordinate dedicated service people.
  • Professionally represent the owner by answering the door and phones.
  • Mail maintenance sort and review mail and answer any correspondence as necessary.
  • Keep household inventory replenish as needed.
  • Various errands — driving to appointments, chauffeuring children to activities, sports, clubs and take pets to the vet.
  • Mail maintenance sort and review mail and answer any correspondence as necessary.
  • Keep household inventory replenish as needed.
  • Caring for pets.

The Simple Life — With a Domestic Couple Brought to you By the Wellington Agency

Achieving the simple life isn’t nearly as simple as you think. Life is complicated, but with a domestic couple chosen by the Wellington Agency your home will transform into an oasis.  A peaceful respite where you’ll live in a state of calm, harmony and relaxation, knowing you’re in good hands with the trusted help of a hard-working domestic couple handling all the hassle.

The Wellington Agency will find a couple that you can put your complete confidence in — with in-depth screening including the most comprehensive background check available as well as a complete investigation into the candidate’s work history and experience.

Our Wealth is in Valuing Relationships — The Wellington Agency Fulfilling Client Needs

At the Wellington Agency, we truly value the relationship we develop with our clients. Part of earning that trust is our ability to work with our clients to foster long-lasting relationships with the people we place to serve them. We offer an extensive interview process where we practice the art of active listening. We carefully consider our client’s requests, taking all of their needs into consideration.

Finding Your Dream Team — The Wellington Agency Sources the Perfect Domestic Couple

Let the Wellington Agency help you find your dream team — a domestic couple for your family’s needs. We have a selected group of qualified candidates at our disposal, so we can find you the perfect match!

The Wellington Agency has offices located across the globe to meet your staffing needs. Please call and let our dedicated associates assist you in finding that perfect pair!

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