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Nannies make way for your male counterpart, the Manny. In today’s gender equating world, men are stepping up and stepping into the role as child caregiver. Today, Mannies are more in demand as stereotypes are crushed.

Why Hire a Manny?

There are many reasons why parents decide to hire a manny. One of the most popular reasons is to provide a positive male role model for their boys. While many single moms of boys know plenty about football and fort building, some other moms understand their limitations and know that they are entirely out of their realm when it comes to sports and playing in the dirt.

For some moms, these are precisely the areas they want to make sure their boys don’t miss out on. As well, they want to ensure that their boys get to spend quality time with a guy to do the things that boys do.

Having a trusted source to provide that male bonding is essential to some single moms and some families that are two-mommy households. It also holds true for traditional parents where the husband may travel a lot for work, or where the child develops an interest in a particular sport or activity — camping, fishing, wrestling, martial arts, that neither parent knows anything about.

Some parents just want to break with tradition and teach their kids that childcare isn’t just for women.

For some parents, their child may require a caregiver that has greater physical strength, for example, a physically disabled child that needs to be frequently lifted.

Mannies can also be a deterrent against crime and harm because they are male in a world where predators often target women. Some parents just feel safer knowing their child is in the care of a man. And for some women, having a manny means no one can replace the mommy. There is no other female nurturer to compete for the child’s affection.

Typical Childcare Tasks that Mannies Take On

• Create a nurturing, stimulating and safe environment for the children.
• Supervise the children’s activities at all times.
• Plan and lead developmentally appropriate educational games.
• Teach the fundamentals of letters, colors, and numbers.
• Help with homework.
• Reading books and going to the library.
• Take children to parks and playgrounds.
• Taking kids on adventures to museums, theaters, and the zoo.
• Assisting children with language acquisition and development.
• Help develop manners and other socially appropriate behavior.
• Discipline or reinforce parent direction when necessary.
• Arranging and organize playdates.
• Taking the kids to their friend’s birthday parties.
• Taking the children to the doctor or dental appointments.
• Play with the children, both indoors and outdoors.
• Organizing sports and other motor-skills activities.
• Provide creative time doing arts and crafts.
• Drive the children to and from activities and events.
• Plan and prepare meals and bottles for, and feed, the children.
• Bathe the children.
• Change diapers.
• Help in potty training the children.
• Helping children with their general hygiene.
• Place the children down for naps and bedtime.
• Administer medicine to the children as required.
• Drive children to and from activities.
• Logging important milestones and daily information for the parents.

The prime responsibility for a manny is taking care of the children, but depending on their needs and ages, the manny’s attention can also be turned to other household tasks and management issues such as:

Mannies Can Also Tackle Housekeeping and Home Management

• Doing the children’s laundry.
• Making the children’s beds.
• Tidying up the children’s rooms and bathrooms.
• Organizing and cleaning the children’s playrooms.
• Loading, running, and emptying the dishwasher.
• Cleaning up the kitchen.
• Organizing carpools.
• Scheduling appointments.
• Run errands
• Grocery shopping
• Scheduling and managing home repairs and maintenance services
• Packing and unpacking for family trips
• House Sitting
• Watering indoor plants
• Feeding and caring for pets, walking dogs

Mannies Experience and Trust Save Your Day

The best part of hiring a manny is you won’t go it alone! For the newbie parent, you’ll have a pair of experienced hands to trust. Someone who has been there and done that. This is a great way to relieve parental stress.

Even if one of the parents doesn’t work and stays home, everyone knows that parenting is a full-time job. Having a manny to help you manage the day-to-day will give you time to get the rest of your life done.

Mannies are those special people that you can depend on and fully trust. They provide any parent with a little extra time to take on other essential tasks. You can also enjoy some me time—guilt free.

Take time out to meet friends for lunch, go to the gym or binge watch that TV show everyone’s talking about—or just shower! Having a manny can buy you a little freedom you may not have when trying to take it all on yourself.

High-Quality Manny — What it Takes to Be One

Madonna, Elle Macpherson, and Gwyneth Paltrow all swear by the manny —and for good reasons.  Mannies provide male bonding and a positive male role model.

The general requirements for nannies and mannies are generally the same. First and foremost parents are looking for warm, nurturing individuals who are kind and caring. Criteria for mannies is individual. Some clients prefer years of experience, some demand college educated with the ability to help with tutoring or homework — Some want it all. All you need to know is the Wellington Agency will find it.

A Good Manny is Hard to Find

According to the British newspaper, the Telegraph, the world’s most elite nanny training school, Norland Collge in Bath had its highest number of male recruits in 2017. The College said that the higher number of males is due to the “breakdown of gender stereotypes”.

As mannies become more popular,  it’s not easy to find a quality manny.

Let the Wellington Agency Select Your Perfect Manny

The Wellington Agency can source the perfect Manny, Nanny, Governess or Governor to meet all of your needs. We know that nothing is more important than the person who cares for your children. We have an extraordinary cache of hand-selected, qualified candidates at our disposal, just waiting to find a family like yours.

Let us match you with your very own Manny who will provide just what you’re looking for, a positive male role model. A big brother for your kids to bond with. We’ll find the perfect fit just for you.

The Wellington Agency has offices located across the globe to meet your staffing needs. Call today and let our dedicated associates assist you in finding that perfect person:

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