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As you jet off to wherever you may winter this year don’t put off securing top seasonal domestic help so that everything at your winter digs will be like a well-oiled machine before you even touch down.

Keeping your winter home running like clockwork requires the very best support staff so you can enjoy the winter holidays and time away with friends and family without worrying about cooking, cleaning, everyday errands, and organization. Let the dedicated staff at the Wellington Agency take care of all of your seasonal domestic help needs. We have a select group of the very best chefs, housekeepers, and butlers at our disposal — so you can winter wisely.

Leave Meal Preparation to your Seasonal Chef

The Wellington Agency has a not so secret superpower—finding families their dream chef. With a select list of amazing seasonal chefs, we will find you that one chef that will delight every taste! From preparing regular family meals and favorite snacks to hosting a formal cocktail soiree or a big family style traditional holiday meal, a personal chef will make any meal special.

Our chefs can take on any challenge — from special diets to tackling the pickiest eaters they are magical people who can captivate your family’s personal tastes and incorporate them into daily menus that never bore.

We’ll find you the perfect chef to fit your lifestyle. We have personal chefs that will work with you full-time, or if you like to dabble in the kitchen yourself, a part-time flex chef can meet your needs.

Keeping it All Clean with a Seasonal Housekeeper

Finding top seasonal domestic help is what we do. So, whether you require a full-time live in or live out help, the Wellington Agency has you covered with special seasonal help that will make your life a breeze. Housekeepers are masters at bringing order to chaos. Keeping the home fresh and clean and well organized, they go about the day taking care of all of the little details that make a house a home.

The Wellington Agency has a select group of housekeepers who fall into both categories, the live-ins and live outs each has been selected, screened and chosen with the utmost care. So, whatever way you prefer — live-in, or live out, you can choose with confidence.

Do Double Duty with a Seasonal Domestic Couple

Hiring a seasonal domestic couple does double duty as you get a team that already works well together. Domestic couples achieve quality estate management by tackling tasks together. Combining skill sets to cover a myriad of complex tasks from housekeeping and cooking to estate management and general home maintenance the couple does it all.

Since you’ll manage fewer people, there will be less traffic at the property, such as cleaning staff, handyman, pool maintenance and the like. With less, you get more, as in better communication since there is less staff there is less of a chance of having a chink in the chain of communication. Therefore, everyone is clear about their duties.

Since most domestic couples are more mature adults, they bring years of experience they’ve learned to leverage from the business and corporate world into successful careers in private service. They take great pride in their work and enjoy serving others. Domestic couples are more satisfied employees because they’re able to spend quality and quantity time together as a couple.

Enjoy More Formal Service with your Seasonal Butler

A butler makes the season just a bit more special by adding a little formal flair to the mix. Butlers are more classically trained in the art of etiquette. Not only will they know which fork when — butlers can serve high tea, they know their wine,  they’ll also open the door, and announce your guests. At parties, they typically pass around drinks and carve and serves at meals.

Get All Around Help with a Seasonal Personal Assistant

For the ultimate in wintering without worry, having a seasonal personal assistant on board to prioritize, categorize and organize isn’t really a luxury anymore — it’s a necessity, saving time, energy and ultimately the day!

Personal assistants used to be the status symbols of celebrities — no more! Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, busy moms, power couples, even top household staff can benefit from the work of a personal assistant.

People realize that even with gadgets and smartphones, how short we are for time, so having someone help run their busy lives becomes an investment with an actual rate of return. That return extends beyond business and into their personal lives. Having the service of personal assistance gives busy people a greater sense of balance. Our clients can rest easy, knowing their personal assistant is professionally and proficiently managing their affairs.

Whatever Seasonal Domestic Help You Need — We’re Right Here

Let the experts at the Wellington Agency find you seasonal domestic help that will take the stress and worry out of your travels. The winter season should be a time of joy where families and friends gather to share in the holidays and the beauty of the season. Make it easy and secure your seasonal help now so you can enjoy your time in your “home away from home,” just like you do at your usual residence.

The Wellington Agency sources the very best talent to meet all of your domestic needs. We understand the importance of finding the perfect person to trust with the care of your home and most importantly your family. With an extraordinary cache of hand-selected, qualified candidates at our disposal, the Wellington Agency has a variety of domestic personnel just waiting to find a family like yours.

The Wellington Agency has offices located across the globe to meet your staffing needs. Please call and let our dedicated associates assist you in finding that perfect person:

Palm Beach / Miami (561) 713-2663

New York / London (917) 546-6809

Los Angeles / Palos Verdes (310) 697-7191