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It’s common for stress to set in during the holidays. Once Thanksgiving is over, your head starts reeling with plans for the year-end holidays. Are we staying home are going away? Who’s going to watch the kids? Are your parents hosting a holiday gathering this year? If we’re hosting dinner, what’s on the menu? For most people, these are some of the inevitable, headache-inducing questions that come up every year. One sure way to reduce the stress is by hiring help for your holiday planning!


Getting Away For The Holidays

You and your family decide to spend the holidays away this year and you’re really looking forward to a nice long getaway, but planning a trip can be a time-consuming and painful process. Now you are tasked with the daunting task of checking airlines, finding a flight and figuring out the best dates to travel and how to apply your sky miles, rewards points or what have you. Don’t forget about the planning the itinerary. Now you’ve got to find things to do, places to dine, and things to sightsee. Meanwhile, there’s still all the holiday shopping that still needs to be done.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your very own personal assistant by your side; someone who can book your family’s flight, arrange all accommodations, and help with the holiday shopping and gift wrapping? Relieve yourself of all those headaches and get your sanity back by hiring a personal assistant through The Wellington Agency—a licensed full-service domestic staffing agency. We can help you find the right personal assistant for you—to help you run things while you are away for the holidays. You can have peace of mind while you spend time with your loved ones knowing that your professional personal assistant is taking care of all your everyday affairs while your away.


Traveling with a Baby?

This year, you’re traveling for the holidays with your three-year-old and seven-month-old baby. You finally feel comfortable with the thought of him traveling with you, but then you realize this is supposed to be a vacation and it’s never easy when you’re traveling with children let alone a baby who still needs all your attention. Who wants to deal with the stresses of constantly attending to the baby while being on vacation? After all, parents do need their “me time.” Constantly having to feed and change the baby is no one’s idea of a relaxing vacation.

Wouldn’t it be an absolute dream to have a travel nanny to help you have more time to relax while you’re away from home? No one wants to fumble around with a diaper bag and stroller while you’re trying to find your baby’s binky while simultaneously searching for the boarding passes. Thankfully, that’s what we’re here for! At The Wellington Agency, we have professional nannies who can assist you with the baby whether at home or abroad. We prescreen all of our for-hires, making sure they are highly qualified and fit your needs. If you’re traveling to another country, and need a bilingual nanny, we’ve got you covered! Prefer a male nanny or one that can prepare meals? No problem.

Hosting a Holiday Dinner this Year? 

Instead of being the guest this year, you’ve decided to host a beautiful holiday dinner for your loved ones. The pressure is on now. Planning a menu can be a quite the chore, especially if any of your guests have dietary needs. You start to wonder “How do I make a gluten-free pecan pie?” and “Did Mark’s wife say she was allergic to peas or peanuts?” Once you’ve figured out who is attending and what their dietary needs are, its “time to get cooking,” that is, preparing a menu, finding guest-approved dishes and planning out the table settings and seating.

By now, you’re probably second guessing if this was a good idea and wishing you hadn’t insisted on hosting at your house—but hosting dinner parties should be fun, you tell yourself. This sort of thing happens every time. Don’t let being the host overwhelm you. Instead, think about hiring a Personal Chef! Take the stress off yourself and let your Personal Chef plan a one-of-a-kind menu that will cater to all your guests, regardless of their age, food allergies, or intolerances. You can be confident that your guests will be delighted and satisfied because their dietary needs have been taken care of. Now you can focus on the hosting and not worry about the prep or clean up!

If having someone cook for you on a daily bases sounds appealing, we have Personal Chefs as well. Our Personal Chefs will save you time and the stress of figuring out what to make each meal. They can do the shopping, prepping, and clean up so you don’t have to. On a diet? No problem. Your Personal Chef can help you stick to it.

We Can Help Make The Holidays Merry and Bright

Whether you’re traveling this season or staying home and playing the host, The Wellington Agency is here to help. We have the staff you’ve been searching for—from Travel nannies to Personal Chefs, we can facilitate your every need. Click here to find a full list of domestic help or here for childcare professionals we provide.