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Live-in housekeepers are people that make the lives of residents of homes and apartments go much smoother. Since they perform necessary jobs, they are relied on for many reasons. When someone has the benefits of a live-in housekeeper, they have the ability to get more completed than those who do not have someone like this that is living right in their home.

What Does A Live-In Housekeeper Do?

A live-in housekeeper has a variety of duties to complete each and every day. Their job is to make sure that the home or apartment is kept in good order. The best way to keep track of what a housekeeper’s duties are is to go by the various rooms. Here is a checklist of what they do each and every day:

  1. Kitchen – The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home. When the housekeeper checks the kitchen, they will make sure that the empty and clean the garbage can, clean and bleach the stovetop and oven, clean, and disinfect the microwave. They also discard expired food, wash the dishes, and take out the trash. When they are completed with the kitchen, the floors are spotless, all surfaces are cleaned, and the room is fresh and deodorized.
  2. Living Room – Since the living room is the room guests will most likely see, it is one of the first rooms that are cleaned. All of the shelves, electronics, furniture, and baseboards are dusted. They vacuum the room and then wash and clean all of the windows. Once they are completed with the living room, it’s organized and fit for visitors.
  3. Home Office – The home office is cleaned from top to bottom. All of the equipment is dusted and cleaned, the floors are swept, and the windows are washed. Trash is taken out and the room is then functional to use. Since most home offices are used throughout the day, it is always kept in the order that is needed to complete work.
  4. Dining Room – Windows and window sills are cleaned thoroughly. All glass surfaces are spotless when a housekeeper cleans the dining room. All floors are swept and the furniture and other surfaces are dusted.
  5. Bedrooms – When a housekeeper completes the duties in a bedroom, they will pick up clothing and do the wash. All the bed linens are changed, washed, and returned to the bed properly. Closets are straightened. Windows and windowsills are cleaned right. They also help to organize items in the bedroom and make sure that everything is orderly.
  6. Bathrooms – Bathrooms are cleaned from top to bottom. They wash and clean, the shower, tub, toilet, floors, and walls. Trash is removed and everything is organized. The bathroom is spotless when they are completed with their duties.
  7. Closets – A housekeeper will go through the closets to make sure that they have everything that they need in them. Since they will want to throw away some items to get rid of clutter, they are adept at arranging the cupboards so that everything can be found as easily as possible.

The Supplies That A Live-In Housekeeper Needs

The live-in housekeeper will need certain supplies to complete their job. All supplies need to be current and if replacements are needed, the housekeeper will let the owner know. Equipment that is used for the housekeeper’s duties also needs to be in good shape. Replacements will also be given when they are needed. Here is a checklist of the supplies that are needed so that they are able to accomplish all of their duties in the best way possible:

  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Paper Towels
  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Bleach
  • Broom
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning Gloves
  • Mop
  • Sponge
  • Vacuum
  • Window/Glass Cleaner

Additional Duties If Needed

When a housekeeper lives within the home or apartment, they may also have other duties. These other duties will be discussed prior to their arrival so that they are aware of what they need to do and the money that is involved. There is a contract that is signed so that both parties understand what is expected of the live-in housekeeper and what duties they are expected to perform.

Free Time For The Live-In Housekeeper

There is also free time for the live-in housekeeper where they are able to attend to their own needs. This will also be discussed with the owner of the home or the apartment. All of the details will be spelled out clearly so that the housekeeper knows when they are able to have their free time while they are employed by the resident.

Some Housekeepers Run Their Own Business While Others Go Through A Service

For many housekeepers running their own business is difficult. They will utilize a service that will help them to find work and take care of the paperwork. Since many live-in housekeepers prefer to go through a service, they need to follow the rules and regulations that they put forth. When they own their own business, they are able to do things in their own way.

Money Considerations

Using a live-in full-time housekeeper is a good investment for affluent people and business owners who can use the time they save for other more important things like pleasure activities and growing their businesses. The money one pays for a live-in maid or housekeeper is a small price to pay for the convenience they afford. The salary they receive is considered to be good for people who choose to work in this field. Since there are various other perks that come with the position such as free room and board, many live-in housekeepers love the way that they are able to live. They have their own quarters to retire to when they are not busy with their duties and often they are treated as a member of the family when it comes time for dinners, holidays, events, and celebrations. Since they are relied on and respected by the residents, live-in housekeepers know that their job is important at all times.

A live-in housekeeper will make sure that a home or an apartment is always in the condition it should be. They are there to take care of the issues that the homeowner is not able to do. The home or apartment is always fit for visitors at any time when there is a housekeeper to make it look great.

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