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A houseman is highly common in the hotel industry, but most don’t consider this to also be a valuable role in the management of an estate. Has your housekeeper ever needed assistance replacing a chandelier light or could use a hand operating the bulky floor polisher? Rather than calling a handyman and being at the mercy of their schedule, you can request immediate assistance from the houseman in your home. 

A houseman, commonly referred to as a housekeeper’s “Swiss Army Knife”, performs a large array of tasks inside and outside the household including maintenance, moving heavy objects, yard work, and using heavy machinery to clean furniture and rugs. A houseman is also expected to wash walls and ceilings, turn mattresses, and scrub, wax, and polish floors. 

While the heavier duty responsibilities require someone who is physically fit with the ability to lift items a housekeeper may not be able to, a houseman may also be required to assist the housekeeper with lighter jobs like cleaning, cooking, and laundry if the size of the estate deems it necessary. 

Have a last-minute dinner party planned? No dilemma here – the houseman can walk the corridors to ensure all areas are tidy, pick up soiled linen for laundering and collect trash for disposal while the housekeeper is preparing the table arrangements and food for the guests. With tag teaming these responsibilities, spur-of-the-moment plans will be much less stressful as these positions require attention to detail, good communication skills, the ability to multitask and take direction, and the ability to adapt and work efficiently under pressure. 

As with a housekeeper, the goal of a houseman is to keep the home presentable and running smoothly at all times. Contact The Wellington Agency today to help you find a houseman to assist in preserving the superior shape of your estate.