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From birth to adolescence, children go through many milestones of which varying levels of care are needed. During the early years, children require an emphasis on health and well-being; during the latter years, education and responsibility become a major focus. Nannies and governesses are roles that provide great assistance during the appropriate times in a child’s life.


Nannies typically are welcomed into a home to care for children from an early age and remain with the child through the teen years. With the main focus being on care, health, and safety, nannies are responsible for all nursery duties including:

  • Feeding, changing, dressing, and bathing
  • Cleaning and sterilizing baby equipment
  • Ensuring baby supplies are adequately stocked
  • Laundering child’s clothes
  • Maintaining organization of the child’s areas
  • Keeping baby stimulated with playtime, toys, and walks
  • Preparing meals and assisting with weaning
  • Potty training
  • Keeping an organized and diverse schedule 
  • Maintaining a list of doctor’s appointments, nursery meetings, etc.  
  • Driving to and from locations 

As the child gets older and requires less attention, the responsibilities of the nanny may emerge into more of a personal assistant role for the parents. A nanny that has been with a family for a long period of time will know the inner workings of the household; therefore, it’s typically a smooth transition and a welcomed one for parents with a highly demanding schedule.


The role of a governess can come into play as soon as age three. While a nanny is focused more on health and wellness, a governess ensures education and interpersonal milestones are met. Responsibilities of a governess include:

  • Teaching children time management skills to allow adequate time for homework, educational activities, and downtime
  • Teaching specialized areas; i.e. a language or how to play a certain musical instrument
  • Teaching etiquette and interpersonal skills
  • Meeting with school personnel as needed or homeschooling children
  • Keeping communication open with parents on current agendas 
  • Preparing children for school assessments and exams

Since the roles of nannies and governesses do not typically overlap, many households will determine that both positions are needed to ensure the children are appropriately balanced at all times. Contact The Wellington Agency today to find a nanny and governess with the skills you require to complement your household needs.