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Will you be traveling to the Hamptons this season with an exuberate itinerary, leaving minimal time for home-cooked meals? Do you foresee hosting dinner parties and poolside gatherings? Rather than spend your valuable time scouring online for recipes and plating ideas, The Wellington Agency will find the perfect private chef to do all this for you. 

A private live-in chef will cater to your needs to prepare all meals, hors d’oeuvres, and mixed cocktails throughout the day to eliminate stress and encourage a healthy variety of cuisines. A meeting with the chef to discuss details like your food preferences, schedule, and the number of guests will provide a professional chef with all the knowledge he needs to create the perfect menu for you. Once you’ve experienced the benefit of having a private chef in your home, you’ll wonder why you haven’t hired one sooner. 

Your chef will ultimately be responsible for:

  • Creating menus based on your preferences and special dietary needs
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Knowing nutritional information
  • Determining if additional staff will be needed to maintain impeccable service
  • Inspecting work areas, supplies, ingredients, and cooking equipment to ensure the highest standards are met 
  • Properly storing food with heating instructions
  • Monitoring and overseeing sanitary practices for health and safety regulations
  • Preparing, cooking, cleaning, and sanitizing the work area

With these responsibilities, a chef hired with The Wellington Agency would be required to have experience of at least five years as a chef or part of a culinary team. In addition to this experience, a chef must provide excellent customer service, have the ability to work neatly, efficiently, and safely, and have an understanding of different culinary techniques and profiles. 

Spend your holiday in the Hamptons socializing, relaxing, and enjoying yourself, and leave it up to The Wellington Agency to find the perfect chef for your needs.