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A busy, high-level, professional’s job is never done from eyes open to eyes shut, let alone if said professional is a socialite and/or has a business of their own to run. With this lifestyle comes appearances, charities, balls, trips, etc., of which the perfect look and attire are needed for each occasion. A lady’s maid and laundress are wonderful assets to a household to assist in these matters. 

Lady’s Maid

A lady’s maid is the female peer of the gentlemen’s valet and serves as a personal maid to the lady of the house. Traditional and modern responsibilities of a lady’s maid include: 

  • Personal shopping and styling advice including assistance with make-up, hair, clothing, jewelry, and shoes
  • Care of wardrobe including cleaning, pressing, mending, altering, cataloging location of clothing items and rotation of wardrobe pieces by season
  • Packing and unpacking of suitcase during times of travel 
  • Cleaning and organizing the woman’s private quarters of the home
  • Scheduling and/or providing beauty and spa treatments
  • Serving breakfast in bed and drawing baths

These tasks require a certain level of discretion, etiquette, and experience. Desirable requirements of a lady’s maid include: 

  • 3+ years in a similar role
  • Education in fashion, whether through a degree or previous experience 
  • Knowledge of specialized cleaning, care, and repair of all fabrics
  • Advanced knowledge of luxury brands and access to those brands at a moment’s notice 
  • Knowledge of beauty and spa treatments and fitness regimens

In addition to the above, fluency in numerous languages is a bonus to assist with communication while traveling abroad. 

To complement a lady’s maid, you may also consider hiring a laundress.  


While a lady’s maid specifically assists the woman of the house, a laundress specializes in the care of all clothing and linens for the entire household. A laundress will:

  • Wash, iron, repair, alter clothing and provide fittings for members of the household
  • Maintain inventories of all household linens including bedding, clothing, and towels
  • Organize wardrobes complementing the current season for each member of the household
  • Prepare garments for dry cleaners and catalog items that are dropped off and pick up immediately as they become available
  • Assist with packing luggage and assuring all garments are clean and available for an upcoming trip

The requirements The Wellington Agency looks for in a laundress include:

  • Prior experience in a similar role
  • Familiarity with luxury clothing care, green detergent products, and laundering equipment
  • Care knowledge of various fabrics including how to hand wash, remove stains, organize, and store specific pieces of clothing
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time

An addition of a lady’s maid and/or laundress, whether it be for part-time or full-time help, is a necessity to any large estate or busy household. The Wellington Agency will ensure a candidate is chosen that matches your needs in regards to etiquette, culture, and any specialties you have in mind.