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Often when contemplating whether or not to hire a private chef, some of the most compelling reasons are the benefits for the children. Here are ten reasons why, with the help of The Wellington Agency, a private chef would be an advantage for your family.

1. Dietary Diligence:

In the United States, eight percent of children have one or more food allergies. It is possible for several children from the same family to have different allergies or sensitivities. By having a private chef prepare meals with fresh ingredients, you can be assured none of the offending allergens will sneak by you hidden as an additive in product packaging.   

2. Food Diversity: 

According to Google trends, some of the top American family meals are pizzas, hamburgers and tacos. This food trend seems to imply that the average American child is limited in the scope of foods they are exposed to. A private chef is beneficial for their ability to put the world on a plate for your child. They are able to cook dishes from many different countries, helping your children develop a broader palette and an appreciation for differing cultures.  

3. Baby Food: 

Commercial baby food is not as safe as we would like to think it is. Food Safety News reported in Feb 2021 that a new congressional report declared arsenic and other metals consistently contaminate baby food. In fact, there have been several baby food recalls this year. A private chef will prepare organic, freshly pureed meals for your young baby with the best ingredients and without the chemicals found in the store bought brands. 

4. A Sophisticated Palate:  

You can not start too early helping a child to appreciate a fine meal and discern the different flavors. Researchers have discovered repeated exposure to a food is one of the best ways to encourage this. A child needs to taste a new food 10-15 times before they accept it. Serving a new flavor often and in several different forms will acclimate your child to the new taste. In this way, a personal chef will assist them in becoming adventurous about trying new flavors. 

5. Academic Advantages: 

Nutrition plays an important part not only in your child’s health, but also in cognition, concentration, behavior and energy levels. There is a direct link between what your children eat and how they perform in school. Family meals are also important, and even benefit preschoolers. Research at the Family Dinner Project has shown that family dinners can improve literacy in young children by  boosting vocabulary and storytelling skills, leading to an increase in reading skills. 

6. Balanced Meals:  

Having a private chef will ensure your family has fresh balanced meals daily. In 2017 the CDC revealed that only one in ten Americans were eating enough fruits and vegetables to maintain a balanced diet. And a recent study by Bird’s Eye showed that less than one fourth of family dinners include vegetables. Dietary habits are a major contributing factor in the health of a child. Poor eating habits can cause headaches, heartburn, insomnia and stomach aches. 

7. Picky Eaters: 

Fifty percent of parents identify their child as a picky eater. Although, it is common for young children to go through periods of only eating their favorite food and refusing to taste anything new, dinnertime interactions can be very stressful during these times. A private chef will accommodate your child’s preferences without pressure, by offering them more of a variety without them realizing it. Say for example they only want to eat french fries. If it’s the shape of the food they find comforting, french fries can be made from zucchini, eggplant, sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, jicama, plantains, green beans, squash and many more vegetables, Presenting different choices to your child will tempt them into broadening their food selections.       

8. Nutrition: 

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, 97 percent of children’s restaurant meals did not meet the expert nutrition standards for children’s meals. And many of the packaged foods on store shelves today are also calorie rich and nutrition poor. A private chef is trained to present well rounded nutrient dense meals to ensure your children get the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to grow healthy. A child that is lacking in nutrition will be sluggish, tired and have trouble concentrating in school. 

9. Family Bonding: 

In the past twenty years the frequency of family dinners, for many different reasons, has declined by 33 percent. Having a private chef allows you to sit at the dinner table with your family. Several studies have shown that children who share family dinners three or more times a week are less likely to be overweight, eat healthier, perform better academically, less likely to engage in risky behavior and have better relationships with their parents. 

10: Time: 

Your children will benefit, whether a chef cooks for you one night a week or every night, when your family can sit down to a stress free, relaxed family meal. Your private chef will do the shopping, meal planning, prep work, cooking and clean up. That is hours of time better spent enjoying, and talking with your family. The Wellington Agency can help you find the right chef, because time spent together is the most precious gift you can give your children.