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Keeping a clean, well-organized, hygienic estate promotes peace and relaxation, and research shows it can make you healthier physically and mentally. Here are five reasons why hiring a professional housekeeper through a reliable agency such as The Wellington Agency, is preferable to using a cleaning service.

  1. Unlike the salary you pay a Housekeeper, the money you pay for the cleaning service goes to the cleaning company. Their workers are loyal to their company, not you. The wages you pay for your domestic help are an investment in your family. A housekeeper is a valued asset that will not only keep your home organized, clean and presentable but will also consider individual allergies and the quality of cleaning products used.
  1.  The cleaning service may screen their cleaners, but most cleaning services have a high turnover rate, and, likely, you will not consistently get the same cleaners on consequential visits. A housekeeper will, however, be attuned to your specific needs and preferences. You also want to trust the people you allow into your home. A cleaning service may claim to screen their employees, but the higher the number of strangers you allow to enter your home, the increased chance you take of something going missing.
  1. Most cleaning services and housekeepers cover primary duties, such as sweeping, dusting, and scrubbing the bathroom. However, duties such as laundry, dishes, organizing toys are not standard cleaning services. A housekeeper will meet all your needs by keeping your home tidy and organized.
  1. If you have children or elderly parents living with you, you consistently expose them to unknown persons by using a cleaning service. Cleaning services visit multiple houses, increasing the risk of exposure to pathogens and viruses. With a professional housekeeper or maid from The Wellington Agency,  you have the securing of knowing the staffed housekeeper only services your home.
  1. A housekeeper will give you more customized and personal attention than a cleaning service. They will know how you like your clothes hung up, your bed made, the direction of vacuum streaks, where the dishes go, and the many other small details that contribute to a beautifully run household. A cleaning service will often send more than one cleaner to your home and give them a set amount of time to finish the job. This pressure could cause them to skip tasks or hurry through them, unlike a formally trained housekeeper from The Wellington Agency. 

If you want consistent, personalized service with a high level of detail, a housekeeper is a right choice for you. The Wellington Agency has a database of well-qualified, trained candidates. It will be able to find you the perfect housekeeper to keep your home clean and tidy, providing a safe and healthy environment for your family.