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Hiring a trained, professional housekeeper will bring an elevated level of quality attention to your decor, furniture, possessions and a high level of care for your home. The Wellington Agency can help you when hiring a housekeeper while keeping your considerations in mind.

  1. Will you require a Live-In Housekeeper or a Full-Time Housekeeper? While the Full-Time Housekeeper will go to their own home after work, a live-in Housekeeper room and board is part of the salary package. The benefits of a Live-In Housekeeper include the security of having someone occupying the home all day, on-site when you need them. 
  1. Communicate your expectations to the agency with a checklist prioritizing your specific needs. Do you have pets the housekeeper will be tending to? Exotic or unusual surfaces that need special care? Clothing and upholstery cleaning schedules? Do you want them to answer the phone or run errands? Are there children in the household? Do you prefer certain cleaning products? The more specific you are about your needs, the easier it will be for The Wellington Agency to match you with the perfect housekeeper.
  1. Confidence in your staff comes from qualification and experience. Ask how many years of experience do they have? Describe a typical week at your last assignment. Ask for references? Do you have experience cleaning a comparable household (size, number of children, pets, etc.)? By asking exact questions, you will be able to ascertain their skills and abilities easier. 
  1. Ask to interview the housekeeper personally or for the opportunity to meet in advance to see if your personalities are compatible. The ability to have good communication with your housekeeper will enable you to have a successful professional arrangement. A housekeeper needs to be able to communicate with you and take directions from you.
  1. Hiring a housekeeper is streamlined by using an agency, such as The Wellington Agency. They have completed background checks on all candidates, verified their information, and will facilitate the hiring process for you.

A great housekeeper is dedicated, flexible, loyal, and trustworthy. They are attentive to your needs and instructions, knowledgeable about cleaning methods, punctual, and hardworking. Choosing the right housekeeper will decrease stress and give your home the meticulous attention and exclusive quality of care it deserves. The Wellington Agency can help you make that choice.