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When you decide to hire a private chef, a salaried employee working exclusively and full-time for your family- a premiere staffing agency, such as The Wellington Agency, will assess your needs and find the right chef for you. 

Firstly, the agency will need to know how many family members the chef will be cooking for? How many meals per day do you require? Is the household, or dining atmosphere, casual or formal? Do you need the chef to accompany your family on domestic or international travels? Will your chef be required to live-in or commute? 

Secondly, you will want to identify your budget. The expertise and specialization of a chef will influence how much salary they require. A chef’s salary or day rate can range from four hundred to eight hundred dollars per day.

Once you have identified your needs and budget there are several other factors to consider before your final chef choice. 

  1. The culinary background of the chef. 

What training have they had and how long have they worked in the culinary industry? If your family has dietary considerations or restrictions, will this chef be able to incorporate them? Will this chef be able to cook the particular likes and dislikes of your family members or are there dishes they do not do well, for example, baked goods, Asian food, desserts?  

  • The references, testimonials, and endorsements of the chef. 

You may want to ask them if they are members of any organizations such as the American Personal and Private Chef Association. One of the benefits of using The Wellington Agency, is the peace of mind in knowing they have fully qualified chef candidates. They will be able to provide you with any information you need on the chef of your choice. 

  • The character of the chef.

You want a chef who is trustworthy, and respectful of your privacy. Someone whose personality you are comfortable with and who is a good fit for your family. You also want someone you feel would be mindful of any cultural, religious, and traditional considerations surrounding food in your home. 

  • A food tasting, and sample menu from the chef. 

You want to ensure the chef’s style of cooking is suitable for your palette and the cuisine you prefer.  

After all these considerations, with the help of The Wellington Agency, you will find the right private chef, who will provide quality nourishment for your loved ones, personalized to the needs of your family.