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Spring is officially here, and with summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about vacation and how you can best optimize your travel experience by hiring a travel nanny. The Wellington Agency can source the perfect person to partner with. Someone who works with you and the kids, so everyone can get in on the fun — and relax!

The Benefits are Bountiful with a Travel Nanny — You Get the Best of Both Worlds

Vacation time is precious, and with a limited amount of time families want to make the most of it. Travel with children can be especially fun. There are new things to explore, things to share with them, teach them as well as just having some unscheduled time to enjoy just relaxing together.

Although traveling with kids is fun, it can also be stressful, that’s why having another reliable adult dedicated to your kids is ideal. You can have the best of both worlds when you vacation with a Travel Nanny!

Imagine enjoying a day of vacation, sightseeing with the kids. Then getting back to your vacation home or hotel and being able to enjoy a night on the town, just the two of you without having to worry about the kids. A travel nanny can care for the kids, give them dinner and put them to bed while you’re out exploring your vacation destination’s nightlife.

The travel nanny can let you enjoy time with the family while giving you the flexibility to do also enjoy more adult pleasures. During the day, the nanny can take the kids to their own, age-appropriate adventure, while you two explore a museum. Or how about a little extra R&R time? Your travel nanny can get up early with the kids and take them out for breakfast, while you enjoy a little extra time to sleep in.

Typical Duties of a Travel Nanny that Vary from the Home Nanny

  • Entertain kids during travel time, long car trips, airplane rides.
  • Plan kid-friendly itinerary with activities that are specific to the destination.
  • Take children on exertions to give parents time to recoup.
  • Watch children during the evenings, so parents have an opportunity to enjoy some nightlife.
  • Provide teachable moments where possible.
  • Wake up early to care for children so that parents can sleep in late.
  • Keep kids on a reasonable nap schedule.
  • Have activities on hand for rainy days.

Travel Nannies — The Ultimate in Travel Insurance

We’ve all heard of the typical travel insurance. It’s basically purchased to cover trip cancellation, lost luggage, accidents, medical expenses and additional losses incurred while traveling. Think of a travel nanny as the best kind of travel insurance. If your child gets sick and needs to rest, the nanny can stay in and watch the ailing child while the rest of the family can still enjoy their plans. For younger kids, the nanny can take them back for a nap while parents enjoy a little alone time. Babies can be looked after by the nanny while parents get to spend a little more quality time with older siblings.

International Travel Nannies — Speak the Language!

Let’s say you want to take the family off to explore Italy. The Wellington Agency can find you a travel nanny that speaks Italian, making getting around so much easier. A travel nanny may be originally from the city or countryside you wish to explore, giving you a little insider information on the best-of-the-best the destination has to offer. She may know a fabulous place to go and enjoy wine tasting or the perfect park to take the kids for a day on the swings.

Tips: What to Ask Your Travel Nanny to Gage Your Travel Compatibility

  • What is your travel experience? Have you traveled domestically, internationally?
  • What is your past nanny experience? Did it involve traveling?
  • What do you like to do on vacation?
  • What is your travel style — are you more the planner, stick with an agenda or are you more spontaneous?
  • How would you entertain the kids during those hard times: On the airplane, long car rides, rainy days?
  • What experience do you have as a travel nanny?
  • Would you be available for future travel plans during peak vacation times such as spring break, winter break, summer vacation, Memorial Day Weekend, etc.?

Welcome the Travel Nanny — How to Maximize Everyone’s Comfort Level

A great way to get the ball rolling is to make your travel nanny feel welcomed. Traveling involves a lot of close contact, so there are a few ways to invite the nanny in and get everyone comfortable.

  • Include the travel nanny in some of the travel planning.
  • Ask the nanny’s expert opinion on activities for kids and the timing of the activities.
  • Ask the nanny about itineraries and what advice the travel nanny may have to optimize the organization.
  • Be sure to include some personal space and some personal time for your nanny to enjoy — this way no one gets overwhelmed and everyone knows what to expect. Although this is your vacation, you’ll want to be sure no one feels overly burdened or unfairly treated.
  • Discuss and be clear about your expectations. Be sure to outline the hours you expect your travel nanny to be on and off.
  • Detail the specific duties the travel nanny will be required to do.

Communication is Key when it Comes to Compensation and the Nanny

Since traveling is often up in the air, things can often change. During a trip, you may have counted on only needing a Nanny for a certain number of hours per day. It could be more. Nannies will also need to have cash on hand for outings with the kids. It’s necessary to designate a budget either a daily stipend or providing a credit card or a predetermined amount of cash each day. Other costs to keep in mind with a travel nanny include additional hotel rooms, meals, costs of activities and transportation and tips.

Let Us Take Care of YOU!

The Wellington Agency can send you off in style with your very own travel nanny, chosen with love and special care! Let us scour our exclusive list of top-notch nannies to find you just the right one. We’ll find a travel nanny that can take on the kids while you take a little time off.

And if On Vacation You Fall in Love with Having a Nanny – We’ll Find You One, Full-Time!

The Wellington Agency can also source the perfect full-time Nanny or Governess to meet all of your needs. Nothing is more important than the person who cares for your children. With an extraordinary cache of hand-selected, qualified candidates at our disposal, the Wellington Agency has a nanny just waiting to find a family like yours. We can match you with your very own Mary Poppins that practically perfect in every way!