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Imagine stepping out of the shower and be greeted by the softest, fluffiest towels that are scented just the way you like — crawling into bed can be a delicious experience when you take respite in between sheets, blankets, and comforters that offer you total relaxation in a haven of plush, luxury supplied to you by your very own laundress, selected with care by the Wellington Agency.

Take freshness to a whole new level by having an expert in the care of fabrics, a personal laundress, to take care you, your clothing and linens. The Wellington Agency can find you a laundress you’ll just love. One that will take good care of all of your fabric needs for you and your family.

Never Again Feel Schlumpy with a Wrinkle-Free Lifestyle Supplied by a Professional Laundress

Let’s face it the slovenly, scruffy look went out with the 1990s, today looking crisp and finished is the new polished and professional, and you can be that person when your clothing is being cared for by a laundress.

 Ironing — a Method to the Madness

Ironing is a lost art. Most of us just turn on an iron and heat it up to as hot as it goes and just start rolling it over our wrinkly clothing. But there’s much more to ironing than that! Proper ironing takes a deep knowledge of fabrics. One that an expert laundress will have. After all, there’s a science to it.

The art of ironing works because the heat loosens the bonds between the molecules in the fibers of the material. Once the molecules are heated, the fibers can be straightened by the weight of the iron. They then hold their new shape as they cool.

Various fabrics, such as cotton, need moist heat or steam to loosen the intermolecular bonds. But who has time to know this? Your laundress! An expert in fabrics, she knows what heat setting and if that particular fabric needs more pressure or moist heat to tame it into unwrinkled submission.

Laundress’ Caring for Clothing Saves Time and Money

It’s no secret, your clothing can last longer and look better when it is properly cared for. A laundress has an affinity for fabrics and understands how to care for them. She knows the difference between what needs hand washing and what can go into the machine. From your delicates to durable jeans, there’ll be no guesswork when it comes to choosing cycles, your laundress will know if that goes in a hot, warm or cold wash, and what temperature that particular fabric should be rinsed or soaked in.

Your laundress is an expert in stain removal. A laundress is there, pretreating, presoaking and preventing mistakes like washing a red t-shirt with your white undershirts. That’s where a laundress comes in and saves the day — no more pink underwear unless they were purchased that way. Forget the nightmare of folding that rogue fitted sheet — no more figuring it out, your laundress will take care of that in a flash.

Linens You’ll Luxuriate in, that Last Longer with a Laundress

Your laundress will keep your bed fresh, clean and so inviting — you may not want to leave. Your linens will be washed, dried, folded and put away (including that hard to fold monster, the fitted sheet!) with exceptional care. When towels, sheets, covers, pillows, and duvets are properly cared for, they wear better and last longer.

Your linen closet will be Architectural Digest magazine worthy. Picture it, stacks of fresh bath sheets, bath towels, beach towels, hand towels and washcloths all neatly organized. Your pillows, pillowcases, sheets, and blankets all tucked away and ready— all will smell fresh and fabulous.  Your laundress will be responsible for changing things out with the seasons. With that first chill in the air, your laundress will change things up with a heavier blanket to keep you and your family snug and comfortably sleeping through the colder nights. When things heat up, your laundress will cool things down with lighter blankets or fewer layers — all depending on each family member’s preference.

Be Pampered — A Laundress Takes Care of You and Your Fab Fabrics

Typically, a laundress’ duties include the following:

  • Fresh linens
  • Soft towels
  • Scenting clothes and linens the way you like
  • Clean clothing
  • Just the right amount of starch for the type of clothing
  • Proper care for a variety of fabrics
  • Knowledge of stain removal
  • Ironing and pressing
  • Providing the perfect crease
  • Organize closet and dressers
  • Change out clothes for the season
  • Change out linens for season
  • Polish shoes
  • Seamstress duties, minor alterations, and mending.

The Wellington Agency can place a perfect laundress with you who can fulfill your needs. Keeping your clothing crisp and your bedding soft and inviting you’ll feel pampered with perfectly pressed outfits ready to go.

The Wellington Agency has a special list of hand-selected, qualified candidates such as nannies, newborn care specialists, personal assistants, private chefs, estate managers and more at our disposal, just waiting to find a family like yours. Let us match you with a laundress you’ll just love—and find the perfect fit just for you.

The Wellington Agency has offices located across the globe to meet your staffing needs. Call today and let our dedicated associates assist you in finding that perfect person:

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