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It happens every year—spring eventually fades into summer and the annual pilgrimage begins. Movers, shakers, and wanna-bees head to THE summer locale, the great escape, the Hamptons. If you want to take a real vacation, you’ll need a team of well-qualified people to make your trip easier and more enjoyable — a team of people that will cook, clean, and take care of the kids. Simply put, you’ll need seasonal domestic help in the Hamptons.

Summer Help — When You Can’t Take Them with You

Maybe you have a home staff of regular help, however, there may be key individuals who are unable to travel with you. The Wellington Agency can help by finding you domestic help wherever you’ll be summering, even in the Hamptons where good help is hard to find.

As sure as the humidity will rise, so will the need for an entire team of seasonal domestic help that can keep you living the life that you’re accustomed to. The competition for the most competent help is fierce. The need feels even greater when you’re trying to slow down the pace and just enjoy your vacation. Keep the anxiety of finding help at bay by allowing an experienced domestic staffing agency to handle the hiring for you.

The Wellington Agency has what it takes to establish a team of professionals to care for you and your family in your home away from home whether it’s your vacation home, you’re renting for a week, a month, or the whole season. Why waste time worrying about staffing your estate? Instead, rely on the Wellington Agency to have a fully staffed house ready for your arrival.

The Domestic Help You’ll Need in the Hamptons — They’re the People that You’ll Need Each Day!

Let a team of highly trained, highly skilled people take care of all the little details—and the big ones too.

Travel Nanny 

Vacationing with kids? Free yourself up with a travel nanny. When you’re on vacation there are things you’ll want to explore with the kids and there are times you’ll want to have a little more privacy to enjoy time with your partner or just time alone. Having a travel nanny allows you to have these options.

Newborn Care Specialist or Baby Nurse

If you’re traveling with a newborn, it’s especially helpful to take along a newborn care specialist, also known as a baby nurse. Taking care of a newborn is challenging enough, but leaving your own routine for the Hamptons can be even more taxing. Having a specialist there to take care of the baby, perform the nighttime feeding and diaper changes can make your vacation a real vacation. Having a baby nurse also gives new parents more confidence just by having someone who is a specialist available to answer any questions or concerns. Babies don’t come with instructions, but with a newborn care specialist, you won’t need any.

Personal Assistant 

Trying to tackle everyday life while you’re on vacation is near impossible. Hire someone capable and qualified to help you. Simply arrive in the Hamptons and meet your new personal assistant. A personal assistant can sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. Personal assistants free you up by basically taking on the daily tasks that you usually multi-task through. Instead, you’ll be able to delegate all of those things that increasingly encroach on your time. Now you can enjoy your vacation, even more, knowing someone is taking care of the tasks you’ve delegated.

Estate Manager

The Estate Manager—the one to rule them all. Also known as butlers, assistants, and majordomos—they’re loyal, dependable, adaptable people who run their principal’s estates, and vacation homes like well-oiled machines. Basically, their job is to anticipate their boss’s every desire before it’s even articulated. Estate Managers are the conductors of the orchestra that is your domestic help team. They turn chaos into order and your home and family into one seamless, smooth operation.

Private Chef 

The crème de la crème of domestic help—the personal chef. Having a great chef while you’re vacationing at the Hamptons can make the difference between a good stay and a great one! While going out to dinner and exploring all the trendy restaurants is fun, sometimes you just feel like a cozy night in or bringing the party back to your place. Enjoying a night in is about relaxing so having an extraordinary chef whip up a casual dinner or a special meal is a part of not having to lift a finger. The Wellington Agency knows that having the right chef is critical. A private chef can keep you on your special diet while you’re on vacation and still prepare flavorful meals that make you feel like you’re indulging anyway.


Your summer home in the Hamptons should be as clean and orderly as your regular residence. A responsible housekeeper not only keeps things clean, they are masters at organizing and know how to manage their responsibilities so that everything is always looking fresh. You’ll never have to worry about having freshly laundered towels for the beach or the sand that got tracked in after spending the day out in the surf. Your Hamptons housekeeper will have everything under control. The Wellington Agency can find your perfect Hamptons housekeeper whether you need someone just to clean your home, or a more flexible housekeeper that runs errands, keeps your pantry stocked, can prepare light meals and snacks, or even takes care of pets.

Hiring Local —They Know the Lay of the Land!

There’s a great reason to assemble a team of local help in the Hamptons — they live there.

The chauffeur that knows the back roads to that great restaurant. Your butler’s brother who manages that amazing bar that everyone’s talking about. The nanny whose college roommate works at that ice cream shop with the line out the door. Sometimes it pays to hire help locally. They have insider information and their finger on the pulse of what’s happening locally.

Hire an Experienced Team to Find You the Perfect Staff of Domestic Help

The Wellington Agency can source you domestic help no matter where you travel this summer. From the Hamptons to Vail to Europe. We can find the perfect full-time or part-time domestic help to meet all of your needs. Nothing is more important than having qualified staff working for you. With an extraordinary cache of hand-selected, qualified professionals at our fingertips, the Wellington Agency has staff waiting to find a family like yours. 

The Wellington Agency has offices located across the globe to meet your staffing needs. Please call and let our dedicated associates assist you in finding any seasonal help or that perfect full-time person:

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New York / London (917) 546-6809
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Boston (617) 275-8190