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Even with today’s technology, people are overwhelmed with time-consuming tasks. Having a personal assistant available to prioritize, categorize and organize isn’t a luxury anymore — it’s a necessity, saving time, energy and ultimately the day.

While personal assistants used to be the status symbols of celebrities, now everyday people realize that having someone help run their busy lives is an investment with a tangible rate of return. That benefit doesn’t just fall within the realm of their businesses. Instead, it extends into their personal lives giving a greater sense of balance and peace to those that employ them.

At the Wellington Agency, we understand that entrepreneurs and solopreneurs need to find time in their days by delegating and increasing efficiencies. That’s where personal assistants come in and pick up the slack, allowing their bosses to fully concentrate on things that need their specific attention – both business and pleasure. Our clients can rest easy, knowing their personal assistant is professionally and proficiently managing their affairs.

Personal assistants aren’t just for moguls — busy moms, power couples, even top household staff can benefit from the work of a personal assistant.

Freeing Up the Bandwidth with a Personal Assistant

Try as we may to multi-task through a day, there are always a ton of details that we’re being barraged with and can be overlooked.

There’s the daily grind of essential tasks like shopping, cooking, laundry, dropping the kids at school, taking them to after-school activities and getting dinner on the table. Adding to that are those pesky details like remembering to pick up your daughter’s prescription, baking cookies for the bake sale, signing permission slips, buying your son a mouth guard, picking up more rubber bands from the orthodontist, buying a birthday gift for a friend, remembering to return those pants within seven days, mailing your in-laws an anniversary card and  ordering ink for the printer — again.

And that’s just on the homefront.

Imagine if there was someone you could trust implicitly to handle all of the details. Not only would this free up precious time, but having that personal assistant gives you the freedom to just let it go completely — now it’s not only off of your massive to-do list but out of your head; it just gets done.

The Mini-Me — Personal Assistants that are Symbiotic

Anyone can make a coffee run, but a great personal assistant knows which barista makes your coffee just the way you like it. Anyone can schedule an appointment, but an astute personal assistant knows not only when you’re available but knows what day your favorite nail tech can see you. Once your personal assistant really gets to know you, they can nearly become your surrogate. Filling in where needed, with the innate ability to express your preferences in almost any matter.

Finding and selecting the right personal assistant is critical to getting exactly what you need, right from the start. Selecting just the right one ensures that you and your personal assistant will be able to develop the kind of relationship that becomes natural and symbiotic — one that flows. When it’s right, you’ll have that short-hand or even unspoken communication that is vital to making the most of having your own personal assistant.

Your Personal Assistant at Work

Personal assistants make workflow, coordinating the loose ends and tying them all together so that their bosses can stay on top of the major tasks — working together personal assistant and boss make a powerhouse team that delivers the goods.

Another benefit of having a personal assistant is having an extra set of eyes and ears at the office when you’re not around. Someone that can take the temperature of a room and let you know what your co-workers, staff, and superiors are talking about. Information that can help you keep more in tune with workplace matters that matter.

Automatically Add to Your Skill Set with a Personal Assistant

Your personal assistant will bring with them their own unique skills that you can utilize as an asset. In addition to what you already bring to the table, your personal assistant will only enhance.

Personal assistants can also give you a critical second opinion on projects. They can give a final piece a last look-over as far as proofreading or fact-checking.

Personal Assistants on the job typically handle these tasks:

  • Scheduling
  • Meetings and calls
  • Standing in for you when you can’t be there
  • Social calendar
  • Screening phone calls/visitors
  • Event planning
  • Emails
  • Sending contracts
  • Coordinating events
  • Travel arrangements including coordinating hotel, air travel and ground transportation
  • Researching projects
  • Client correspondence

Taking these seemingly mundane, yet important tasks off your plate, and knowing that they’ve been placed in capable hands, your personal assistant will allow you to soar in the office. With a little additional free time, you can be more relaxed therefore you’re able to be more well-rested and productive at work, or simply travel more.

Hiring the Perfect Personal Assistant

Searching for a personal assistant isn’t like hiring any other employee. A personal assistant needs to be your right hand. We know that the two of you will be working closely together and that’s not just business — it’s personal. In many cases, this choice involves not just the client, but their family.

The Wellington Agency understands that it’s important to get it just right. When we’ve done our job, we know that your personal assistant will become an indispensable member of your staff, if not part your extended family.

Let the Wellington Agency help you find your dream assistant — someone who knows you may be a little bit better than you know yourself!  The Wellington Agency has many qualified candidates at our disposal. Getting you the perfect match can give you what you crave most — simplicity.

The Simple Life — With a Personal Assistant Brought to you By the Wellington Agency

 The Wellington Agency will find a personal assistant that you can feel confident putting your complete confidence in.

To earn a place with the Wellington Agency, candidates go through an extensive interview process with in-depth screening including the most comprehensive background check available as well as a complete investigation into the candidate’s work history and experience.

The Wellington Agency Fulfilling Client Needs with Valued, Trusted Relationships

At the Wellington Agency, we believe that only through trust can we meet our client’s needs. We strive to work with our clients in fostering valuable, long-lasting relationships with the people we place to serve them. One of the ways we achieve this is by practicing the art of active listening. We carefully consider our client’s requests, taking all of their needs into consideration – a big reason why our clients come back for all their staffing needs.

Assisting you with Assistants – The Wellington Agency Sources the Perfect Personal Assistant

Let the Wellington Agency help you find your dream personal assistant to meet your needs both at home and in the office. With a plethora of qualified candidates at our disposal, we can find you the perfect match!

The Wellington Agency has offices located across the globe to meet your staffing needs. Please call and let our dedicated associates assist you in finding that perfect person:

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New York / London (917) 546-6809

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Boston (617) 275-8190.