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Finding your Family’s Soul Chef

What’s for dinner? The proverbial question that keeps coming at you night after night, setting off panic, overwhelm and stress — unless you have the perfect private chef, then it becomes your favorite thing to ask.

When it comes to our busy lives there are two important priorities — time and health. Having a private chef takes care of both. The Wellington Agency has just the right recipe when it comes to finding your family’s soul chef.

So how do you find just the right person to make magic happen in the kitchen?

The Wellington Agency carefully screens candidates to find only those who check all the boxes. They absolutely must have a solid foundation in the fine art of culinary skills. Our chefs must be well educated in food safety including the proper handling of food as well as the right techniques in cooking and storage. Most importantly they must have that certain je ne sais quoi, the ability to reimagine meals, taking bold, adventurous steps with ingredients and bringing dramatic intention to an array of delicious designed and nutritiously engineered meals to the table.

A World Full of Cultural Cuisine at Your Kitchen Table

The world is full of flavors and by having your very own private chef you can go on a culinary adventure without boarding a plane any day of the week.

Our chefs specialize in certain favorites like French, Italian, Brazilian, Mexican, Mediterranean or Moroccan but can also whip up a New England style Clam Bake for fifty guests. It’s that versatility that makes having a private chef an extraordinary experience for any family.

Maybe your family fare includes traditional American comfort food like meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and mac ‘n’ cheese, or maybe your family is more adventurous and is game for any game — exotic fare like bison, alligator or wild pheasant  — just open up a magazine and point to a picture.

Your family may long for the taste of home and crave the kind of chef that can prepare traditional Argentinian food like Carbonada Criolla just like your mother made.

Eat Well, Live Well

Having a private chef not only guarantees you’ll be eating well, but it’s an opportunity to effortlessly manage your weight while boosting your energy as your chef dials into your diet, filling it with whole foods and superfoods, full of antioxidants, that will give you the edge you need to get on with your day.

Health issues like diabetes that depend on following strict guidelines become a breeze because there’s no hassling over what can be had and what’s off limits because everything on the table is yours to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways the Wellington Agency can custom-tailor your personal domestic cooking staff to suit your family’s tastes and lifestyle.

Special Diets

Ketogenic Diet

Breaking down fat for fuel is key in the Ketogenic Diet where reducing carbohydrates while upping fat intake causes the body to go into a metabolic process known as ketosis. During ketosis, the body realizes that it doesn’t have enough glucose for energy and instead turns to stored fat to burn for fuel. It takes a creative chef to prepare meals with just the right balance of carbs and healthy fats such as grass-fed butter, avocados, nuts, oily fish and healthy oils to achieve ketosis.

The Wellington Agency can find a chef who can achieve that delicate ratio that leads to success.

Vegetarian Diet

What could be easier than going vegetarian — you just eat fabulously fresh fruit and veggies? Well, it’s not as easy-peasy as that. There are some common pitfalls that can lead to health issues such as protein deficiencies, low vitamin B12, D, A, essential fatty acids insufficiency and carbohydrate overload — including too many grains, flours, legumes, fruits, and starchy vegetables. Too many carbs can cause even the strictest vegetarians to gain weight — even too much sugar from fruit is too much sugar. Increased carbs and sugar can add up to insulin-resistance making weight loss nearly impossible. The Wellington Agency can find you a chef that can produce a menu that is all about being a well-balanced vegetarian. One that will keep you full and properly fueled.

Vegan Diet

Going Vegan has many excellent health benefits. Surprisingly, many Vegans aren’t necessarily in it just for good health but choose this way of eating to promote a lifestyle and a philosophy. Vegans don’t eat anything that is animal-based, including eggs, dairy, and honey. While the Vegan diet is about many things, flexibility isn’t one of them. Going it alone on a Vegan Diet is difficult because there are so many restrictions. It’s also critical to get in proper nutrition to stay healthy. Vegans must maintain a proper balance between their Omega 3 and Omega 6 or their systemic inflammation can skyrocket leading to a host of health issues. Lack of creatine is another problem. Creatine is found in fish and meat. It’s an essential component of energy metabolism that does not exist in plant foods. The Wellington Agency has chefs that are knowledgeable about this lifestyle choice that champions our environment. Our vegan chefs will make sure that you and your family are getting essential nutrients without worry.


Another popular diet that encompasses healthy living yet requires some fancy finagling in the kitchen to keep it all fun is the Paleo diet. Eating Paleo means eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, meat, certain types of fats, nuts and seeds. It also means giving up grains, beans, soy, dairy and refined sugar. The creative chefs at the Wellington Agency can craft delicious paleo meals that are satisfying, so you won’t feel like you’ve given up anything. Enjoy all the health benefits with none of the hassles.

Gluten-Free Diet

This once innocuous dietary element has become enemy number one for some people as they discovered that removing gluten from their diets have helped them gain freedom from intestinal distress. Gluten is a protein found primarily in wheat, barley, rye, malt and brewer’s yeast. The Gluten-free diet is mainly used by people that suffer from celiac disease, yet many people discover numerous health benefits from going gluten-free. When people give up gluten, sadly they discover just how many things they love contain gluten. The Wellington Agency can provide you with a chef that is specially trained to make your gluten-free lifestyle one that’s flavorful and satisfying. Using their magical culinary skills our chefs will carve out creations without gluten that taste so good, you’ll hardly notice you’ve given it up.

Bringing it All Together – A Match Made in Heaven by the Wellington Agency

At the Wellington Agency, we know that every family has its own personality and priorities. Each family that we serve is unique with its own style and special way of doing things. Our recipe for successful chef matchmaking starts with an intensive interview session where we practice the art of empathetic listening. We go above and beyond, really digging deep into our client’s most intense desires, we take everything into consideration. From nutritional requirements, special diets, food allergies, favorite ethnic cuisine, body composition goals, energy requirements down to the real nitty-gritty, we help you get what you crave.

That’s how we find our families the kind of help that becomes a natural extension of the family. That comfortable fit that’s utterly symbiotic in nature and nurture — it’s how our chefs are able to gratify what you crave most — complete fulfillment and sweet satisfaction.  Make your culinary dreams come true today!

The Wellington Agency has offices located across the globe to meet your staffing needs. Please call and let our dedicated associates assist you in finding that perfect person: New York / London (917) 546-6809; Palm Beach / Miami (561) 713-2663; Los Angeles / Palos Verdes(310) 697-7191 and Boston (617) 275-8190.