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Butlers and other household staff are becoming increasingly common as families realize they receive the most valuable concept in return — time. The average person spends over 20 hours a week on household duties, time that could have been spent with family, building an empire, traveling, or enjoying a favorite hobby. 

But what does a Butler actually do? 

Channeling the infamous butler, Alfred, who took care of the Wayne homestead, obvious tasks of butlers include concocting mixed cocktails and serving home-cooked meals. While treating you and your guests to cosmopolitans is high on the list, butlers tend to a vast array of other tasks pertaining to the household, taking the burden off your shoulders. These tasks include, but are not limited to: 

  • Setting doctor appointments 
  • Planning social events
  • Paying household bills
  • Event planning
  • Managing and scheduling household staff 
  • Managing payroll and budgets 
  • Scheduling home maintenance calls and overseeing home improvements 
  • Making travel arrangements and assisting with packing 
  • Maintenance of automobiles 
  • Taking inventory of household supplies
  • Animal care
  • Laundry and wardrobe management

In order to fulfill all these tasks and more, butlers must possess certain training and skills. Some prestigious academies can require upwards of 10 weeks, 800 curriculum hour government-licensed training before completion. On top of this specialized training, you may request certain skills necessary to your household, like an individual with a clean driving record and/or familiar with your area to set your mind at ease when taking your kids to and from events. 

Alongside specialized skills and training, butlers must have a variety of interpersonal skills including: 

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to multitask and organize efficiently 
  • Discretion 

These qualities will give you comfort knowing your household is in good hands so your mind can focus elsewhere. 

What are my requirements as an employer?

As an employer, you’ll first want to determine your budget. The typical salary for residential butlers can be a wide range between seventy-five thousand and two hundred thousand per year; hourly butlers can range from thirty-five to sixty plus dollars an hour. 

Other considerations include: 

  • Benefits – will you offer health coverage? Bonuses? Vacation? Free housing? 
  • Hours required – would you prefer part-time or full-time help?
  • Living situation – would a live-in or live-out butler work best for your home?

The Wellington Agency is here to help you find the perfect “Alfred” for your family.