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Estate Manager Miami


An Estate Manager in Miami (also know as a Property Manager) is someone who is in-charge of running the estate or the household for a homeowner. Often hired by the elites or estate owners, the estate manager can be a person or a company that will run the property for a fee. Estate Managers act as the over-all person in charge of running the household or the estate when the owner cannot attend to their properties or simply do not want to spend the time due to busy schedule or more important things. Occasionally the owner does not live in the property or lives in the property seasonally. This is often the case in a place like Miami that has perfect weather when other states are too cold or too hot.

Miami is known to have many luxury properties that need to be attended. For this reason, The Wellington Agency can help you hire an effective and efficient professional estate manager to man your estate. All you need to do is to provide the details of your requirements and we will screen, verify and check possible candidates to run your estate. You will merely need to review the qualified candidates and make a choice that fits your needs and personality and the needs of your family. Remember, your estate manager will be the one in-charge of running your estate, which is why he or she should be chosen wisely. Make sure to only choose the best by hiring from The Wellington Agency.


Hire an Estate Manager in Miami


Are you thinking to hire an estate manager in Miami? Keep in mind that it is the estate manager’s responsibility to make sure that everything in your property is in order, from property maintenance, repair, automobile maintenance as well as hiring and terminating other household helpers. In some places, estate managers also handle property budgeting, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll of the household staff. They will act on behalf the owner and therefore, it’s important to make sure they surely have the knowledge and ability to handle everything in the estate. Furthermore, they must be trustworthy, as you will leave him or her in charge of the property.

Truly, looking for a competent estate manager is not easy as there are things that you must consider. Never worry, we are here to help you with your dilemma. We already have a database of professional and well-qualified estate managers you can choose from, and we receive new candidates and applicants on a regular basis. And since we pre-screen our candidates, rest assured that you are hiring the one of the best from Miami.


House Managers in Miami for Hire


Managing an enormous property or estate is a serious job that should only be handled by qualified and well-versed house managers. That is why screening and hiring a house manager is a tough task that should be carefully done. Your house manager will be your house or property head, and will be the one responsible in managing other household helpers as well, and therefore responsible for the success or failure of the whole household.

Often house managers also handles the budget, accounting and bookkeeping of the estate, that is why knowledge is also a big factor in hiring one. And since they will sometimes even handle estate funds, they must be trustworthy and honest, keeping himself or herself unbiased between you as the owner and the rest of the household helpers and staff.

Good thing is that you do not need to burden yourself with the troubles of hiring a house manager. The Wellington Agency can definitely help you with this often daunting task. Let our years of experience in markets like Miami, Palm Beach, Wellington, and other major affluent citied across the US, make your task of finding the perfect estate manager a comfortable and productive experience. With our pre-screened and checked house manager candidates, you can surely have a competent house manager in no time.


Hire a Live-In Full-time Estate Manager in Miami


As an affluent homeowner, we know you will not be taking care of your house by yourself on your own time. You are busy, active people. The Wellington Agency knows what it’s like to have your hands full. We’ve got solutions for you. Hire an Estate manager in Miami to solve problems one by one for you. They are responsible for your entire house and taking care of everything with its grounds.

The Wellington Agency provides a wide selection of services and a large network of highly qualified personnel who are ready to take on all types of tasks for you and your home. Hire a Miami house manager now to see how good life can be. We offer a range of household services discreetly and professionally. From the simplest of arrangements to the more complex, we offer a professional service to a high standard.

A Miami live-in house manager for your house is considered the best protection for your home. With all the unexpected events that can happen in your household, full-time and live-in is the best way to hire an estate manager in Miami with the help of The Wellington Agency.

When hiring an estate manager, the Wellington Agency provides tailored estate management services to meet the needs of our clients. Our Miami live-in estate managers work as a partner on a day-to-day basis so that your property can run smoothly and help ensure your peace of mind. Estate management is an important investment in your future.

No job is too big or too small. We specialize in properties of all sizes and prices and offer services and protection for many owners if you are a private owner who is looking for a house manager for hire.

The Wellington Agency is a trusted estate management firm for those looking for a live-in estate manager in Miami to run errands, prepare meals, care for pets, watch kids, or do any other responsibilities from within your property. Our trained live-in estate managers in Miami are knowledgeable about home care, the mechanics of the home, hiring and firing, as well as troubleshooting problems. With the right live-in-house manager, your life can be freed up so you can do more of what you want.

Our live-in estate managers in Miami are available for owners who have properties, apartments, vacation homes, villas, and estates. We have estate managers for hire in selected cities in the United States.

To find out more about the services we offer, take a look around our website and explore our services and what we can offer.


Hire a Butler in Miami


Looking for a domestic staffing agency in Miami, FL to hire a butler to manage your estate or property? You are on the right track. We at The Wellington Agency can definitely provide you assistance in choosing the right butler for you. We have a long list of qualified butlers in Miami ready to work and manage your properties in your behalf. And since they are from The Wellington Agency, you can be assured that they are hardworking, honest and ethical. We also make sure that they are well trained and well informed of their specific and general tasks, making sure that they can independently work with or without your supervision.

Hire your butler now and live a more comfortable and worry-free life. With The Wellington Agency’s household help and staff, rest assured that your property and estate will be managed and staffed the way you want it to be.


About The Wellington Agency Household Staffing Miami


As one of the largest urban area in the United States, Miami is also home to various vast estates and enormous properties. Thus, having an experienced estate manager, butler or house manager to run and manage the estate is huge relief to the owner. We know how hard it would be to pick someone to entrust your property, and we are here to help you deal with it. Before you even have a chance to look over our eligible candidate, we make sure that a comprehensive background investigation has been made, and that they have passed our experience and evaluation process.

The Wellington Agency in Miami, FL is a licensed domestic staffing agency with an extensive database of skilled and professional household helpers from housekeepers, assistants, personal chefs, butlers, estate managers and even child care services. Call us now and we will be happy to help.

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