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Live-in Housekeepers Miami

Hiring a live-in housekeeper in Miami can be a tedious task as you need to make sure that you are hiring the right person to live with you and your family in your home. You need to be sure that the person is capable in doing the required chores, the ways you want them done, and has perfectly acceptable health and legal record. And furthermore to make sure of these things, you need to check on various items such as having an impressive employment records, checking in health centers if the person you would hire is sickly or not, and checking on police records, etc.

Good thing is that you can pass the tasks to someone else who should have access to the information you need. That’s what a qualified domestic agency is for. The Wellington Agency can help you in finding a trusted and competent live-in housekeeper in Miami area. With our database of live-in housekeepers in Miami, we can surely recommend someone who knows, understands, and can do the required job. More than that, we make sure that our housekeepers and helpers are prepared for various household tasks and chores by providing adequate training and detailed instruction before we send them to our client’s home. It is their performance that makes the Wellington Agency, which is why we make sure that we only send you the best workers in the city.

Live-in Maid Service Miami


There is nothing more fulfilling than coming home to an organized, clean and orderly home after a long and tiring day at work and activities. This would only be possible if you have someone who takes care of your house by organizing, cleaning and doing other household chores while you and your family are away in the office and school. Hiring a live-in maid service in Miami is always the best option in making your house a place to go home to.
Aside from cleaning and maintaining the orderliness of your home, a full time maid performs other domestic chores such as cooking, washing, shopping and even taking care of the needs of your children. They are of great help for career oriented homeowners and busy moms, who have spent most of their time outside, either in the office working or with their other activities with colleagues. They will surely make you feel that you are the master of your home and always the priority.

Hire a live-in Housekeeper in Miami


One of the most reliable source when hiring a live-in housekeeper in Miami is through recommendation. It can be from a friend, relatives, or someone you trust. Unfortunately, there are times that it’s difficult to get a recommendation if they have unfortunate experience in hiring. Therefore, the other option that could work for you is hiring someone through a staffing agency.

The Wellington Agency is the home of skilled, hardworking and honest housekeepers and helpers you are looking for. We provide staffing services in Miami, Palm Beach, New York City, Los Angeles, and other major US cities and London, England. Wherever you are, we can send you someone who can help you in running the house and make sure everything is well taken care of. Our guarantee shows that we stand behind our recommendations.

Miami Housekeeping Service


Miami housekeeping service is a very important tasks that should be done by experienced housekeepers and helpers. Each homeowner requires specific tasks that should be prioritized and taken care of while others prefer specific cleaning techniques and methods.

The Wellington Agency makes sure that every client’s requests and requirements will be addressed and adhered to. Every applicant is well trained with various styles and means in cleaning and organizing all house types. They are also knowledgeable in what cleaning solutions and supplies to be used according to the owner’s desire. We take pride in our team of housekeepers and helpers as we know that they are the answer to all your household needs.

About The Wellington Agency Domestic Staffing Miami


The Wellington Agency is a staffing company ready to provide you assistance in finding the right staff for your household needs. Be it domestic services or even child care services like nannies, we’ve got you covered. We have a long list of qualified work force ready to take in-charge of your household or even estate. No matter how many helpers you need or how complicated your requirements are, we surely have someone or a team you can hire. Our team of household workers are versatile and flexible and can surely address any concerns and needs you have.

Just let us know what your specific needs are and we will always have someone to help you. Call us now so we can talk about the details.

Miami is well known for its many attractions, beaches and nightlife. It’s also home to some of the most affluent families, business owners, and celebrities. It’s these people who find the services of The Wellington Agency to be of the most help, as we specialize in high-end live-in domestic staff like housekeepers, estate managers, and chefs.

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