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Are you upgrading your house or estate? Restructuring? Relocating? Here are some tips that should guide, educate, and help you see that your home runs as seamlessly as possible.

Running a residence is like setting up a small company. A similar structure is involved with domestic staffing – this includes the hiring and operational complexities. Just like a business requires its CEO, the most important thing an affluent home requires is the Estate Manager.

In most cases, the most suitable one will depend on your home’s size and the number of houses you want to be managed. Generally speaking, an Estate Manager primarily deals with setting up a workable daily structure for your house. Additionally, they implement hiring practices for the other employees. The Estate Manager will evaluate your staffing desires and requirements, identifying the positions you want to be filled, such as housekeepers, nannies, personal assistants, house managers, chefs, and so on. The manager should understand how to screen & hire the right staff for the size and schedule of your home.

Understanding More About an Estate Manager’s Role

You guessed it! As the job title suggests, an estate manager is usually hired specifically to manage an estate. More often than not, this is a large residence with multiple buildings and usually a decent amount of land as well.

Since an estate is a bigger and more complex place to oversee than a single home, an estate manager is different from a household manager when it comes to experience and skills. So, what exactly is the role of an estate manager? And who do they manage?

In general, an estate manager deals with all the upkeep and day-to-day operation of a private estate. They usually oversee maintenance, manage budgets and events, and supervise staff members. Mostly, their job is focused outside of the main home. That is because land management is an essential part of the role.

In case the estate owns land, livestock and/or animals, then the estate manager will deal with managing agricultural or gardening activities. They will also liaise with external employees, e.g., vets. They’re also expected to make sure that the land is being utilized to its maximum potential – regardless if it is for commercial, farming, or private purposes.

Since most estates operate as a business, you should expect an estate manager to help with profitability. It doesn’t matter if the estate runs as a farm, a residential residence with private tenants, or a wedding venue, the estate manager should be on top of all cash coming in and out.

An estate manager manages various staff members, such as bookkeepers, gardeners, gamekeepers, and farmworkers. Of course, it all depends on that particular estate. Additionally, smaller estates might need an estate manager who assumes an active role when it comes to a family home. As a result, they might be needed to oversee and manage butlers, private chefs, and other service staff in that home.

Are There Any Special Skills You Should Expect From an Estate Manager?

The ideal estate manager must be a jack of all trades. It should be someone professional, polite, and personable; a person who is not afraid when it comes to getting his or her hands dirty.

They must also have a financial mind, along with experience with budget and project management. What’s more, most estate managers may be expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of the farming industry, as well as experience working on that land. In other cases, having an agricultural qualification is necessary. However, the relevant skills and experience needed will vary depending on the placement.

Hiring an Estate Manager

You have already seen the significance of hiring an estate manager. It would be a worthwhile investment for most estates. However, you might be wondering how you can hire an estate manager. If you’re considering hiring an estate manager – regardless of your reasons – the Wellington Agency is willing and ready to discuss and help!

We are a licensed complete-service domestic staffing agency that has been placing many candidates in various locations, such as Wellington, London, England, and other major U.S. cities. With our rigorous recruitment process, we can help you can find the suitably experienced and most qualified candidate for your requirements. Just call or contact now and find out more.