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We all know how efficiently Mr. Carson managed Downton Abbey. The family would sit down to dinner and have after-dinner conversations, relaxed in the knowledge that a professional, poised Mr. Carson was attending to the estate’s day-to-day running.

If you desire this high level of service, you will be able to find your own Mr. (or Mrs.) Carson at The Wellington Agency.

An experienced Estate Manager will oversee all aspects of the property and household, handling, even multiple households if needed.

They supervise the household staff, regulating the training, hiring, terminating, and discipline of the employees and maintaining standards and services.

The Estate Manager also plans and coordinates holiday and social events and dinners, whether intimate or high-end affairs.

They are in charge of routine maintenance, repairs, and construction upgrades to the house and grounds, handling all interactions with the contractors and service providers.

The Estate Manager will manage household spending, approve invoices, and employee timesheets, maintain the household files and records.

They manage the household calendar, managing and scheduling services, and appointments. In addition, they keep track of vacations, travel plans, guests, and any other events.

And of course, in a true “Mr. Carson” manner, they handle all special requests, errands and even anticipate the needs of their employer. The goal of a professional, well-trained Estate Manager is to be so proficient and competent that none of the tribulations of daily estate management will perturb their employer.

The Wellington Agency will find you the Estate Manager you need to run your estate the way you want it managed.