The Wellington Agency Application

List 3 references who are NOT related to you and are NOT friends, that you have known for at least 3 years.
State any organizations that you have been affiliated with and its location. Please include volunteer work, school clubs, humanitarian efforts and other activities:

Your job requirements:

Who can we contact in case of an emergency:

Applicant/ Agency Agreement

understand that I am now under agreement with The Wellington Agency, LLC and am obligated to report ALL phone calls, interviews and jobs that I have been offered by any of the agency’s clients, or its client’s friends, neighbors, relatives and associates. This includes all people I have met who I would not have met if I were not affiliated with the agency. I agree not to be employed by any of these people/clients of TWA, unless I have obtained authorization to do so from the agency directly. I understand that the above mentioned people must pay the appropriate fee to the agency in order to employ me and that it is my responsibility to check with the agency to make sure that the fee has been paid. I agree not to refer my friends, relatives and/or affiliates to the above mentioned (agency clients, friends, and family) associates , for employment purposes. I agree to pay the agency $10,000 and any legal fee’s incurred be the agency if I violate the terms of this agreement.
NOTE: Typing your name below will be considered to be your legally binding agreement. We also require you to fax or send us a signed and dated copy of this document as well. A copy of this document will be sent to the E-mail address you entered on this form. Please print, scan and E-mail a signed dated version of this agreement to us as soon as possible.
I have been verbally instructed and I agree to the terms of this employment application contract.