Estate Manager Palm Beach

Estate Manager Palm BeachThe Estate Manager is perhaps the most important position in your household, because he is generally in charge of all the domestic staff in the home. Although all your staff must be chosen carefully, this staff member should be given special consideration.

Estate Managers are most often needed in estates and compounds of 15,000 sq ft and more. An Estate Manager is a necessity when the estate has multiple properties, an extensive wine or art collection, or complex technology that requires someone on staff to oversee operations.

Estate Managers typically will set the standards of service in your estate, by example and through there acceptance of nothing less than excellence from their staff. The Estate Manager is not only responsible for the training of household staff, but is often responsible for the hiring as well.

Important tasks, such as budgeting, accounting, and payroll pass through the hands of the Estate Manager. Other tasks typically include overseeing construction, landscaping, autos, yachts, planes, pools, and dealing with the maintenance of these things.

The Estate Manager is usually responsible to handle any events for the owner as well. This could range from a simple meal for a get-together of six people, or a gala event for six hundred.

This is why at The Wellington Agency we are so careful to choose only the finest candidates to present to you for the position of Estate Manager. We have several excellent candidates for the position of Estate Manager in Palm Beach, Florida. Please contact the owner of The Wellington Agency, April Berube, for the most personal assistance in choosing the best and most qualified candidate for your estate, by using the contact form on this site, or by calling The Wellington Agency directly at the appropriate number listed at the top and bottom of the page.



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