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Live in Housekeepers in New York City

Are you looking to hire a live in housekeeper in New York City? If so, thank you for taking a look at The Wellington Agency. We always have many exceptional candidates ready to fill this important position in New York City homes. We welcome you to take a look what we have to offer, and to discuss your needs with us on the phone. We think you’re going to like what we can do for you as far as staffing your home or estate with excellent domestic help from Housekeeper to Estate Manager, and every position in-between.

Every housekeeper from The Wellington Agency has at least 4 years of experience, with excellent references, and has been pre-screened for qualifications, ability, and personability. You can’t go wrong when you hire your domestic staff from us.


NYC Housekeeper


Why hire a housekeeper in New York City? Some people may consider maid service a luxury, but at some point in every affluent home, maid service becomes more of a necessity. Not only is cleaning a large home or estate a full-time job (or enough work for several people), but an affluent home or estate owner has better things to do with their time than sweeping, mopping, and doing laundry.

Although cleaning, dusting, and polishing tasks are not glamorous, they are necessary. And when a professional does the cleaning and housekeeping for you, your house or estate becomes a beautiful, bright, enjoyable personal palace fit for today’s affluent family without taking up the greater part of your day.

With so much to do in Manhattan, and so many business opportunities to take advantage of, having a maid on staff will give you the time to enjoy more of what you deserve. We believe you’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and you deserve to have a live in maid in your home. Don’t you agree?


Live in maid service NYC


Aside from a direct referral from a trusted friend, which would be very difficult to come by, a referral from a trusted agency is the best way to hire a maid in NYC. The Wellington Agency will provide you with a complete Agency Agreement that clearly states conditions and expectations, a refund policy, and a 12-month replacement policy on all long-term placements.

For live in maid service in New York City we have several excellent candidates ready to start as soon as you are ready to have a look. We’ll be happy to discuss all the details, send you resumes and arrange an interview with one of our many excellent New Your City housekeeper candidates.


NYC maid service


When you’re looking for full-time maid service in New York City, let us help you find the perfect match for your family. We take care of all the training, pre-screening, contracts, and agreement that clearly state conditions and expectations. We provide a refund policy that’s almost unheard of in a domestic staffing agency, and a 12-month replacement policy on all long-term placements. When you’re looking to hire, there’s no need to look further than The Wellington Agency.


Executive Housekeeper NYC


An executive housekeeper is a live in housekeeper who is in charge of other housekeepers on your staff. This person is often responsible for hiring housekeepers, and has a vested interest in hiring the best, as they will be responsible for the quality of cleaning in your home or estate. If you’re in need of an executive housekeeper in New York City, The Wellington Agency has qualified candidates ready to be interviewed, and will be happy to assist you in filling this position as well.

To find out what makes The Wellington Agency a trusted source of domestic staff, give us a call or use our contact form for a call back. Our owner, April Berube, will be happy to explain our policies and guarantees, and also discuss your special needs.

Questions? Contact us today!

Whether you’d like to hire staff, or you’re a qualified and experienced candidate looking for a position, we’d like to hear from you.