Estate Manager New York City

Estate Manager New York CityThe Estate Manager can be the most important position in your home or estate. He is generally in charge of all the domestic staff and has his hand in everything that’s important when it comes to the home and grounds. When it comes to hiring, this important staff member should be given special consideration.

The Estate Manager is not only responsible for the training of staff, but often also for the hiring of staff as well. That’s why this position is so important.

The Estate Manager is usually responsible to handle any events for the owner as well. This could range from a simple meal for a get-together of six people, or a gala event for six hundred.

Not only is this key person responsible for events, but they are also responsible for important tasks, such as budgeting, accounting, and payroll. Other tasks typically include overseeing construction, landscaping, autos, yachts, planes, pools, and dealing with the maintenance of these things.

An Estate Manager is a necessity when the estate has multiple properties, an extensive wine or art collection, or complex technology that requires someone on staff to oversee operations. One is often also needed to manage large estates and grounds, where there is domestic staff of three or more.

The qualifications of a person for this position include but are not limited to:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Leadership
  • Management Ability
  • Business Skills
  • Personality

At The Wellington Agency we take the hiring of an Estate Manager very seriously. This person is at the core of the entire household staffing plan. We make sure to choose only the finest candidates to present to you for the position of Estate Manager. We currently have several excellent candidates for the position of Estate Manager in New York City.

Please contact us at The Wellington Agency, and the owner, April Berube, will personally assist you in finding the perfect Estate Manager for your household, estate, or compound. Contact us by using the contact form on this site, or by calling The Wellington Agency directly at the appropriate number listed at the top and bottom of all pages.

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