Fees and Guarantees

The Wellington Agency Fees and Guarantees:

Domestic Couple: 20% of the total annual gross salary paid to the employees.

Individual: 20% of the annual gross salary paid to the employee.

Short term or Seasonal: 25% of the actual gross salary paid to the employee (less than 6 months commitment).

All placements include a replacement policy. see agency agreement


Requesting references on our agency:

Over the years our agency has collected numerous letters of recommendation from very satisfied clients.

We would like to share what our clients have to say about us, but due to the nature of our business and our company’s high standards we prefer not to advertise them on-line. Please call or email to request letters of recommendation on the agency and we will be happy to provide you with them at our discretion.


Please click the appropriate button above to contact the correct department. Whether you’d like to hire staff, or you’re a qualified and experienced
candidate looking for a position, we’d like to hear from you.