Client Info

Client Information

Registration with our agency entitles you to:

  • ¬†Unlimited access to our staff
  • Unlimited resumes
  • Professional screening
  • Professional work agreement
  • Tax/payroll and insurance information

Professional Work Agreement

Many important details, if left undetermined at the time of hire, can cause a family to lose an excellent candidate. This comprehensive work agreement will guide you through all negotiations with your hire including: job description, benefits, policies, concerns, salary, commitment length, legal issues, and more.
Background checks include:

  • ¬†Social Security verification and origination
  • Complete address profile
  • Multiple criminal court checks
  • Driving record search
  • Drug testing available on site (at your request)

We work closely with a licensed detective to ensure the safety of your household, and children. Most agencies remain uneducated about how to properly conduct a thorough background check; consequently failing to discover a criminal record. The Wellington Agency offers the most comprehensive Background Investigation available in the domestic industry today.