Domestic Staffing in Greenwich, CT

Why is Domestic Staffing in Greenwich, CT so important? Being one of the states with the highest wage earners and most expensive homes, the need for domestic help is very high. When one has an estate it becomes almost mandatory that you will need an Estate Manager to run the estate as well as other Domestic Staffing in Greenwich, CT. This may consist of Nanny, Domestic Couple, Personal Chef, or perhaps a Personal Assistant.

At the Wellington Agency we can accommodate all your estate needs. Assisting you in making the perfect choice of an Estate Manager who can supervise all domestic help and even direct the staff to maintain your property. This is an extremely important part of what the Wellington Agency does for its clients, because in many ways the Estate Manager is key to the smooth operation of the estate. The Estate Manager will be responsible for all daily tasks which may include hiring, terminating, training and supervising the entire staff.

There is great responsibility given to the Estate Manager and the candidate must be more than up to the task. Excellent judgment and people skills are a must. This is why the Wellington Agency is adamant regarding at least 4 years past experience with prior long-term commitments. Our candidates are tested and proven and are prepared to take the ball and run with it.

Greenwich, CT Domestic Staffing Agency

Our Greenwich, CT Domestic Staffing Agency division only accepts the highest quality and trained candidates for each position. Often, your Estate Manager will be living at the estate, so there is a high level of trust instilled and expected. Domestic help such as an Estate Manager is not the only type of household staff that our Greenwich, CT Domestic Staffing Agency can provide.

We at the Wellington Agency also have Nannies, Domestic Couples, Personal Chefs and Personal Assistants. What ever your needs may be, we have trained, experienced professionals ready for the task at hand.

While the Estate Manager normally performs bookkeeping and banking tasks, the Personal Assistant is qualified to assist in the finances of the estate, verifying invoices and paying bills. The Personal Assistant can be invaluable to both the client and to the Estate Manager in that the Personal Assistant can be monitoring the Household Staff and the estate as needed.

Hire Household Staff in Greenwich, CT

What is the best way to Hire Household Staff in Greenwich, CT? The best way is to allow the Wellington Agency to assist you in all your hiring needs. We make sure our candidates are experienced, trustworthy and have references, which are available to you. Experience and past working history are the best indicators for any candidate in any position. The Wellington Agency has been helping the affluent Hire Household Staff in Greenwich, CT for decades and we will make sure your candidate meets your expectations.

Often our Domestic Couples are paired to cover your estate needs. An example might be Personal Chef/Butler. The two can compliment each other and streamline operations in your home. We understand that you want the very best for your home and family. The Wellington Agency takes special care in the selection process between you and our candidates. It’s the best way we know to achieve a perfect match.

Domestic Staffing Services in Greenwich, CT

Our Domestic Staffing Services in Greenwich, CT is accustomed to working with important business people and celebrities, so we are proficient in serving clients that have multiple needs when it comes to Household Staffing. The Wellington Agency ensures that our candidates exhibit an attention to detail that will impress any employer. Jet setters expect a lot from their Domestic Services in Greenwich, CT and they are used to getting it. Our clients have trusted the Wellington Agency to offer high quality, trustworthy candidates for decades and we will continue to uphold the highest of standards, so that is accomplished.

The Wellington Agency in Greenwich, CT

What can I expect from The Wellington Agency in Greenwich, CT and how can I contact them? You can expect quality and detailed minded Household Help available for your inspection that are trained to operate your estate smoothly and address all concerns on a daily basis and maintain harmony in your home whether it concerns, but not limited to childcare, cooking, maintenance, managing receivables, and bill paying. We at The Wellington Agency Greenwich, CT have provided Household Staffing Services for well to do for decades. We have the experience, the standards and the track record that the affluent expect to assist them in keeping their estates and properties operating in a safe and secure manner.

Please contact us at our main office: Palm Beach, Miami: (561) 713-2663; Los Angeles, Palos Verdes (310) 6971-7191; Boston: (617) 275-8190; New York, London: (917) 546-6809

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