Domestic Staffing Agency Miami

At our Domestic Staffing Agency Miami division, we have trained and experienced candidates in the following positions: Licensed Baby Nurse, Estate Manager, Nanny, Personal Assistant, Personal Chef, Domestic Couple, Caretaker, Housekeeper and Cook. All candidates come with references from previous employees. Our pre-screened candidates have at least 4 years of experience. We are confident that our professionals and our Domestic Staffing Agency Miami and Miami Beach candidates are first rate and will work as expected until the end of their commitment set by you.

We are the Wellington Agency and we believe that commitment to high standards is an important element to our success and your happiness. The Domestic Staffing Agency Miami people can be very helpful in identifying your expectations for each position you need, so that together we can arrive at the correct choice for you. Our job and our mission is to match the right candidate with each client and family. We will send you a fully trained helper both trustworthy and skilled to assist you in your daily needs.

Domestic Staffing in Miami

What do you know about Domestic Staffing in Miami? Are you aware of the benefits that an agency such as the Wellington Agency has over the competition? Well, the Wellington Agency has years of experience in placing superior candidates in Jupiter, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, NYC and London and more. Domestic Staffing in Miami has an extraordinary pool of candidates with the experience and dedication that is required by our clients.

Whether your needs include a Nanny or Baby Nurse, a Personal Chef, or Estate Manager we have the candidate that has the experience you need. A Nanny can be great for those on the go, but want to make sure their child is in good hands. A Personal Chef can have dinner waiting for you and your family as you arrive home after a busy day at the office, or coming back from vacation. An Estate Manager can organize banquets, so that you may concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Do you need a Caretaker to look after your home while away on business or vacation? That's what the Wellington Agency is here for. We help you, so you can rest easy, even if you're thousands of miles away. That's where our candidates' experience comes into play. The safety and security is not only important to you, it's also important to us as well. That's why our candidates have at least 4 years of experience and come with references.

Hire Domestic Help in the Miami Area

Is it difficult to Hire Domestic Help in Miami? Our previous clients say it's easy, if you use the Wellington Agency! Our Domestic Staffing is accomplished by using the most stringent of hiring procedures. Our candidates have recent, verifiable, long term experience in their respective positions. Only then can both you and the Wellington Agency be comfortable when you Hire Domestic Help in Miami. Our helpers have all completed long term assignments, and they have proven themselves to their past employers and to us as being hard working and trustworthy.

Trust is probably one of the most important areas to our clients and our candidates are well aware of that. It's the key to the success of our business. After all, when you Hire Domestic Help in Miami, Miami Beach, the wealthy surrounding islands of Key Biscayne, Star Island, Palm Island, Fisher Island, Bay Point, Sunset Island, North Bay Road, Indian Creek, Bal Harbour, Coral Gables, Brickell AVE. your helper may literally have the keys to your home. That trust must be treated with the greatest of care and commitment, as it is one of the most important areas of our business. That's why we have standards such as mandatory completion of long-term assignments and references. The required 4 years of past experience in their position is representative of the candidate's consistency to us as well as job proficiency to you.

Household Staff in Miami

The Household Staff in Miami that we can offer you are trained and experienced professionals. The Wellington Agency has been serving South Florida communities for years now. We are completely confident that you will feel comfortable with our Miami Household Staff in your home making decisions in accordance with your needs and requirements. It is our mission for our Household Staff in Miami to operate seamlessly within your home.

The Wellington Agency will provide you with top-notch candidates in which to choose from. Whether your needs include a personal chef, domestic help, nanny, estate manager, or an executive assistant we have trained and experienced personnel to do the job. All potential Household Help in Jupiter come with references as well. The Wellington Agency looks forward to serving you.

Please call our main office located in Palm Beach (561) 713-2663 or try our contact page.

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