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Have you finally made the decision to seek out the help of a live-in housekeeper for your Fort Lauderdale home or estate? When you live in Fort Lauderdale, it's hard not to fall in love with gorgeous beaches and beautiful work of art. There’s no need to be stuck at home just because you have a lot of housework. Eliminate the stress of house cleaning by hiring a live-in housekeeper from The Wellington Agency.

The Wellington Agency understands the needs of your household. We believe that every family deserves a clean and healthy environment. We are here to help you clean your house every step of the way. You can be sure that all our live-in housekeepers in Fort Lauderdale have years of experience and do not need a lot of supervision. They all have wonderful housekeeping skills and pay great attention to detail. We’re sure every important place in your home will look and smell much better when your housekeeper is done with it.

Our Live in housekeepers in Fort Lauderdale are also trained to have a happy attitude, positive personality, and have strong work ethic. They love to get the job done, and done right.


Hire Live-in Housekeepers in Fort Lauderdale


It’s not always easy to hire live-in housekeepers in Fort Lauderdale. Many people are looking for jobs, but few have the experience and qualifications necessary to make them worthy enough for your home and The Wellington Agency.

If you are busy as a beaver and run out of time doing your housework, you should really should hire a live-in housekeeper. Why push yourself so hard as to risk your health? Don't let your hard earned money go to your hospital bills. Find time to relax and enjoy.

If you are interested to hire a live-in housekeeper in Fort Lauderdale, call The Wellington Agency to help you find the best housekeeper. Don't think twice; give yourself the freedom to go wherever you want to go while keeping your house free from dirt and danger.

With our housekeepers, you don't need to worry anymore. They have extensive knowledge in cleaning and understand what it takes to maintain a home. They also know how to protect your valuable personal information.
What are you waiting for? Hire a live-in housekeeper in Fort Lauderdale today.


Live-in Maid Service in Fort Lauderdale


Keeping your house organized and thoroughly cleaned can take up almost all your time. This is the reason why many families are opting to employ a live-in maid service in Fort Lauderdale. Hiring a live-in maid means you will entrust not just your home but your family as well to that person. That is a hard thing unless you know that person is reliable.

The service that a live-in maid provides is very important, and hiring one should be done properly and through a distinguished domestic staffing agency. The Wellington Agency only provides live-in maids that are great at paying attention to details and in making sure that your family will be comfortable in every way. You will surely be at ease with the kind of service that our staff provides.

Our house helpers are all professionally trained and constantly up to date with all the latest trends available on the industry. However, they are also flexible and willing to learn how you want your tasks done. Customer’s satisfaction will always be our primary goal.

You do not have to worry about a messy home after an exhausting day, our live-in maid service in Fort Lauderdale will always keep your home pleasant and relaxing for you and your family.

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About Fort Lauderdale Domestic Staffing


Nowadays, Fort Lauderdale domestic staffing is steadily becoming a necessity for a lot of family in the city. Many households choose to hire domestic staff to keep their house neat and safe for their family. Yet, finding a dependable long-term housekeeper for your home is a difficult job.

A prominent domestic staffing agency is what you need if you want to hire well-trained and trustworthy domestic staff. Therefore, The Wellington Agency is the perfect agency for you. All our staff go through a meticulous screening interview process. Also, they are all subjected into extensive background checks we send them out to work in your home.

Over the years, The Wellington Agency has been known to provide only the best domestic staff. We try to find a perfect fit for every client. We only recommend you the staff that we feel are 100% appropriate to all your needs. Our domestic staff service includes housekeeper, domestic couple, personal assistant, estate manager, personal chef, laundress, butler and many more.

We are continuously interviewing applicants and adding to our database of hirable staff members. We look forward to providing all your needs in Fort Lauderdale domestic staffing, and we assure you that you and your family’s well-being is what we value the most.

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