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Hiring a live-in housekeepers in Greenwich CT is now the answer to busy families and couples who have little time left to spend in cleaning and maintaining their homes. With a live-in housekeeper, you can always come home to an orderly home, with food in the table, clean clothes on the rack, and well taken care of children. Truly it is, you will find a great convenience in getting a full time or live-in housekeepers.

Planning to employ a housekeeper but don't know where to start? Call us at The Wellington Agency and we will be happy to help you. We have a long list of qualified and competent housekeepers, maids, nannies, personal assistants, and even domestic couples, estate managers, and butlers. Be it for your home, mansion, or even your estate, we've got you covered. We surely have and can provide what you are looking for. We do not only provide assistance to our Wellington Fl clients but we also provide services to Greenwich, CT as well.

Tired from work or other activities? Nothing beats in coming to a home that is clean, well-arranged and managed, and kids that are well-take care of. Hire our live-in housekeepers in Greenwich, CT now. Hire us and see the difference.

Live-in Maid Service Greenwich CT


Live-in maid service in Greenwich, CT is becoming the top choice when hiring a domestic household helper. Many housewives prefer hiring a maid as they can easily adapt and more comfortable to be with especially if you have kids. They can also perform various duties such as cleaning the house, cooking, washing, shopping, and even running errands.

Live-in maid service is definitely the answer if you are longing to have a clean and organized home without doing it yourself. We all know that you often have no time or energy for house errands after a long day of work or even activities, but somebody still needs to clean the house, cook food, and do other house chores that you can't that is why a live-in maid is the best solution you can get.

Call us at The Wellington Agency and we will be happy to help you choose the best live-in maid that will surely pass your standards. And since we pre-screen applicants before we send them to you, rest assured that they have what it takes to be your live-in maid.

Hire a live-in Housekeeper in Greenwich CT


Hiring an adept live-in housekeeper in Greenwich, CT can surely make your life easier by taking care of your household needs. They can effectively take care of such housework like taking care of the laundry, cooking food for the family, cleaning and making sure that the house is organized and well-maintained, and even running errands. And since they were trained properly, they surely know how to handle situations that requires immediate assistance, knows how and what methods and techniques to use, and adhere to other instructions provided to them. Truly, a live-in housekeeper is what you need if you need someone to help you run and maintain your home.

Afraid to hire someone to live with you as a live-in housekeeper? Worry no more, we at The Wellington Agency carefully examine and choose the best and honest candidate for you. All of our housekeepers are pre-screened, checked and investigated to make sure that they have a clean criminal records, capable, and in always great condition before we send them to you. Our housekeepers are our representatives and what makes The Wellington Agency on top of service providers, that is why we only hire and send you the best.

Where ever you are, be it in Wellington, Boston, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, or even in Greenwich, CT, we can send you the best housekeeper we've got. Come home to a place you can call home with the help our proficient housekeepers, maids, and house helpers.

The Wellington Agency Greenwich CT Housekeepers

Once hailed as the “Biggest Earners”, Greenwich, CT is another home of The Wellington Agency's growing family. More and more families are realizing the convenience of hiring a full time household helpers, and therefore many families have been employing full time and live-in housekeepers and maids to help them in cleaning and maintaining orderliness in their homes. But hiring one is not an easy tasks as there are things that you should consider and sometimes need to work on.

The Wellington Agency is of great help if you are in need of a full time, live-in household helper. We do background checks, initial interviews, and personality assessment on each applicant that would like to join the company. This will guarantee our clients that whoever nanny or housekeeper we send them are per-screened and of in good condition and guaranteed not to be a lawbreaker.

So whenever you need a house help, nanny or housekeepers in Greenwich, CT, do not hesitate to call us. We also do call backs for your convenience. Let us talk about your requirements and needs.

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