Estate Manager Nashville


Do you own a large property, huge house, multiple residences that needs an estate manager in Nashville? Do you require the service of a butler or estate manager for your property? If you have a large estate and the lifestyle that goes along with it, you will surely need an Estate Manager to finish the picture. You surely cannot look into all aspects of your estate while running your business or businesses. Leave your burdens in the hand of an expert and professional Estate Manager. He will oversee every aspect of your home or estate and make sure it all runs perfectly.

We at The Wellington Agency will search our database and make sure you hire the most eligible and qualified estate manager for your needs. Not only that, we also have a pool of adept and proficient household staff and workforce. Solve your problems at once by calling our office and we will be happy to help you. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with their services as we will only send you the best, most experienced people.


Hire an Estate Manager in Nashville


Need to hire an Estate Manager in Nashville TN? If you own an estate, multiple residences or even a large manor, you certainly need an estate manager. Your estate manager will handle the estate management, and often your property’s investments or businesses such as gardens, collections, or stables as well. The estate manager is the one in-charge of all of the estate’s operation, including house maintenance and repair, third-party contracts regarding the estate, management and supervision of house helpers and other staff, safety and security system of the whole estate, budgeting accounting and bookkeeping, in charge of the household payroll and expenses, and even managing and organizing gatherings and parties hosted by the owner.

Hire an Estate Manager from The Wellington Agency because we make sure that our candidates are not only well-trained, but also have excellent working experiences from various references, and most of all have passed a strict screening process including background checks. Because we know that it is important to know who you will be working with, we make sure that you will have an access to the candidate's required information. We make the searching and hiring process easy for you.


House Manager Nashville


House managers in Nashville also play an important role in managing your property. A House Manager or Estate Manager can work independently, run your household smoothly, and make sure that everything will be taken care of, from hiring other household staff, managing the maintenance and restoration of the property, even in helping you organizing an event or gathering. Your house manager will definitely make your and your family's life easier.

At The Wellington Agency, we make sure that we will only send you the finest and most eligible house manager to man your household. With a house manager, you can start living with ease and more leisure time for yourself and your family.


Nashville Butlers and Domestic Couples


Nashville butlers and domestic couples are also of great help in household management. Hiring a butler or a domestic couple for your estate is a wonderful way to have everything done for you in the style you deserve. They say appearances are everything. What better way to show your best to the world, than with ample and proper domestic household help?

The Wellington Agency is a licensed domestic staffing agency ready to provide home owners a butler or domestic couple’s services in Nashville. Because we know that it is not easy to manage a large house while having a job or business to attend to and a family to look after, we make the hiring process easy for you. We have a list of professional and well educated butler to attend to your properties or a domestic couple to help you run and manage the household. Just give us a call and let us know what your requirements are and we will surely have the answer to your problems.


Household Staffing Agency - Nashville, TN


Find the most qualified household staff and domestic helpers in Nashville, TN through The Wellington Agency. We have a database of professional, well trained and skilled, and honest household staff of Housekeepers, Domestic Couples, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers, Personal Chef, Laundress, Butlers, and Babysitters, Baby Nurses, Nannies and Governesses. Whatever assistance you need, we have eligible personnel you can hire. And since we pre-screen every candidate we have, you can be sure that you will be dealing with some of the best in the field.

Hire your reliable household staff now and make sure that you only hire the cream of the crop. Hire the best staff through The Wellington Agency.

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